FFIX - Sidequests - Friendly Monsters

Sometimes, you will enter battles where the music is different from normal, and the enemies look slightly different. These are friendly creatures, and they will ask you to give them gemstones in exchange for AP and items. Each friendly creature can only be found in one area. They will not always show up first time, but if you don't help them the first time they appear, they will appear again. You do not have to help the friendly creatures in any particular order, but you can only help the Yan after you have helped all the others.

Friendly Creature Location Item to Give AP Reward Item Reward
Mu Forest near top exit of Ice Cavern 1x Ore 10 Potion
Ghost Outside Treno 1x Ore 10 Hi-Potion
Ladybird First forest on Outer Continent 2x Ore 20 Ether
Yeti Forest outside Madain Sari 2x Ore 20 Elixer
Nymph Forest near Iifa Tree 3x Ore 30 Emerald
Jabberwock Forset directly east of Oeilvert Emerald 30 Moonstone
Feather Circle Lost Continent Moonstone 40 Lapis Lazuli
Garuda Forest on Popos Heights Lapis Lazuli 40 Diamond
Yan Forest on Vile Island Diamond 50 Rosetta Ring