FFIX - Abilities - Vivi's Abilities

Black Magic
Spell MP AP Effect Learned fromů
Fire 6 25 Fire damage to single/multiple targets Leather Hat, Mage Staff
Fira 12 50 Strong Fire damage to single/multiple targets Flame Staff, Mage's Hat, Power Belt, Topaz
Firaga 24 75 Very strong Fire damage to single/multiple targets Octagon Rod
Sleep 10 20 Inflicts Sleep on single/multiple targets Flame Staff
Blizzard 6 25 Ice damage to single/multiple targets Leather Wrist
Blizzara 12 50 Strong Ice damage to single/multiple targets Ice Staff, Opal
Blizzaga 24 85 Very strong Ice damage to single/multiple targets Octagon Rod
Slow 6 20 Inflicts Slow on target Ice Staff, Magus Hat
Thunder 6 25 Thunder damage to single/multiple targets Glass Buckle, Silk Shirt
Thundara 12 50 Strong Thunder damage to single/multiple targets Lightning Staff, Peridot
Thundaga 24 80 Very strong Thunder damage to single/multiple targets Octagon Rod
Stop 8 25 Inflicts Stop on target Oak Staff
Poison 8 35 Inflicts Poison on single/multiple targets Lightning Staff
Bio 18 40 Non-elemental damage and Poison to single/multiple targets Oak Staff
Osmose 2 70 Absorbs MP from target Gaia Gear, High Mage Staff
Drain 14 60 Absorbs HP from target Oak Staff
Demi 18 30 Takes off a percentage of target's HP Amethyst, Black Belt, Cypress Pile
Comet 16 55 Non-elemental damage Cypress Pile
Death 20 45 KO's target Black Hood
Break 18 30 Causes Petrify Cypress Pile
Water 22 55 Water damage to single/multiple targets N-Kai Armlet
Meteor 42 95 Non-elemental damage to all enemies High Mage Staff
Flare 40 95 Non-elemental damage Black Robe
Doomsday 72 150 Shadow damage to everything onscreen* Mace of Zeus

*And I mean everything. Your party is not excluded. If you use this spell, be prepared.

Support Abilities
Name AP Learned fromů
Auto-Reflect 70 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 20 Feather Boots
Auto-Haste 55 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 30 Golden Hairpin, Light Robe
Auto-Life 70 Rebirth Ring
MP+20% 30 Black Robe
Healer 20 Garnet
Add Status 25 Bone Wrist, Bracer, Chimera Armlet, Feather Hat, Glass Buckle, Twist Headband
Reflect-Null 30 Robe of Lords
Reflectx2 110 Black Robe, Rosetta Ring
Mag Elem Null 85 Promist Ring, Protect Ring
Half MP 140 Light Robe, Protect Ring
High Tide 25 Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Jade Armlet, Sapphire
Body Temp 15 Diamond, Fairy Earrings, Holy Miter, Jade Armlet, Madain's Ring
Level Up 30 Egoist's Armlet, Fairy Earrings, Rosetta Ring
Ability Up 55 Green Beret, Lapis Lazuli, Ribbon, Silk Robe
Insomniac 25 Bandana, Coral Ring, Gaia Gear, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak
Antibody 30 Glass Armlet, Glass Buckle, Mantra Band, Survival Vest
Loudmouth 40 Golden Hairpin, Mage's Hat, Silk Robe
Jelly 25 Bronze Vest, Circlet, Dark Gear, Dark Hat, Dragon Wrist
Return Magic 90 Coronet
Auto-Potion 10 Demon's Vest, Gold Choker, Magician Robe, Mythril Vest, Running Shoes
Locomotion 35 Black Hood, Demon's Vest, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest
Clear Headed 15 Circlet, Dark Gear, Green Beret, Magic Armlet, Magician Shoes