FFIX - Abilities - Quina's Abilities

Blue Magic
Spell MP Effect Learned fromů
Goblin Punch 4 Non-elemental damage to enemy Goblin, Goblin Mage
Lv5 Death 20 KO's enemies whose levels are multiples of 5 Dracozombie, Lich, Stroper, Whale Zombie
Lv4 Holy 22 Casts Holy on enemies whose levels are multiples of 4 Amdusias, Feather Circle, Torama
Lv3 Defenseless 12 Reduces defense of enemies whose levels are multiples of 3 Carve Spider, Grand Dragon, Lamia, Lizard Man, Ochu, Sand Scorpion
Doom 12 KO's enemy when the countdown reaches 0 Ash, Veteran
Roulette 18 Randomly KO's a target Hecteyes, Ghost, Zombie
Aqua Breath 14 Water damage to all enemies Axolotl, Clipper, Sahagin, Vepal
Mighty Guard 64 Casts Shell and Protect on all party members Antlion, Gargoyle, Gigan Octopus, Myconid, Serpion
Matra Magic 8 Reduces target's HP to 1 Armstrong, Dragonfly, Landworm, Ogre, Trick Sparrow, Zaghnol
Bad Breath 16 Inflicts Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Slow, and Mini on the enemy Anemone, Malboro, Worm Hydra
Limit Glove 10 Non-elemental damage to target when your HP is 1 Axe Beak, Blazer Beetle, Catoblepas, Jabberwock, Mandragora, Mu
1,000 Needles 8 1,000 HP damage to target Cactuar
Pumpkin Head 12 Damages with the difference between your max and current HP Bandersnatch, Basilisk, Hedgehog Pie, Ladybug, Python, Skeleton, Yeti
Night 14 Inflicts Sleep on everyone Abomination, Grimlock, Nymph, Seeker Bat
Twister 22 Wind damage to all enemies Abadon, Red Dragon, Tiamat
Earth Shake 20 Earth damage to all enemies Adamantoise, Earth Guardian, Shell Dragon
Angel's Snack 4 Use Remedy on all party members Behemoth, Epitaph, Ironite, Mistodon
Frog Drop 10 Drop frogs on the enemy* Gigan Toad
White Wind 14 Restores HP of party members Garuda, Griffin, Zemzelett, Zuu
Vanish 8 Makes party member disappear Drakan, Hornet, Gnoll, Troll, Vice
Frost 8 Inflicts Freeze on the enemy Chimera, Kraken, Wraith
Mustard Bomb 10 Inflicts Heat on the enemy Bomb, Grenade, Maliris, Red Vepal, Wraith
Magic Hammer 2 Reduces enemy's MP Magic Vice, Ring Leader
Auto-Life 14 Casts Life when KO'd Carrion Worm, Ceberus, Gimme Cat, Stilva, Yan

*Damage depends on the number of frogs Quina has caught. The damage caused by Frog Drop is equal to Quina's level x the number of frogs Quina has caught.

Support Abilities
Name AP Learned fromů
Auto-Reflect 75 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 40 Feather Boots
Auto-Haste 70 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 30 Glutton's Robe, Golden Hairpin, Light Robe
Auto-Life 165 Rebirth Ring
MP+10% 50 Emerald, Magician Cloak, Magician Robe, Magician Shoes
Healer 60 Garnet
Add Status 35 Bone Wrist, Bracer, Chimera Armlet, Feather Hat, Glass Buckle, Twist Headband
Gamble Defense 40 Adaman Hat, Power Vest, Twist Headband
Half MP 90 Light Robe, Protect Ring
High Tide 250 Bistro Fork, Dark Hat, Fork, Gaia Gear, Gastro Fork, Jade Armlet, Mythril Fork, Needle Fork, Sapphire, Silver Fork
Counter 55 Power Belt, Power Vest, Ritual Hat
Body Temp 20 Diamond, Fairy Earrings, Glutton's Robe, Holy Miter, Jade Armlet, Madain's Ring
Level Up 60 Egoist's Armlet, Fairy Earrings, Rosetta Ring
Ability Up 40 Lapis Lazuli, Green Beret, Ribbon, Silk Robe
Millionaire 100 Yellow Scarf
Insomniac 40 Bandana, Coral Ring, Gaia Gear, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak
Antibody 20 Glass Armlet, Glass Buckle, Glutton's Robe, Mantra Band, Survival Vest
Loudmouth 30 Golden Hairpin, Mage's Hat, Silk Robe
Jelly 35 Bronze Vest, Circlet, Dark Hat, Dark Gear, Dragon Wrist
Absorb MP 80 Promist Ring
Auto-Potion 30 Demon's Vest, Gold Choker, Magician Robe, Mythril Vest, Running Shoes
Locomotion 20 Black Hood, Demon's Vest, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest
Clear Headed 15 Circlet, Dark Gear, Green Beret, Lamia's Tiara, Magic Armlet, Magician Shoes