FFIX - Abilities - Steiner's Abilities

Sword Arts
Name MP AP Description Learned fromů
Darkside 0 30 Reduces HP to cause Shadow damage to enemy Blood Sword
Minus Strike 8 35 Damages with difference between max HP and current HP Excalibur 2, Iron Sword, Rubber Helm
Iai Strike 16 40 KO's target Rune Blade
Power Strike 8 40 Reduces enemy's Attack Power Diamond Sword
Armor Break 4 30 Reduces enemy's Defense Mythril Sword
Mental Break 8 45 Reduces enemy's Magic Defense Gold Helm, Ice Brand
Magic Break 4 25 Reduces enemy's Magic Flame Saber
Charge! 10 30 Makes all Near Death party members "Attack" Aegis Gloves, Coral Sword
Thunder Slash 24 30 Thunder damage to enemy Defender, Ragnarok
Stock Break 26 35 Non-elemental damage to all enemies Excalibur 2, Ultima Sword
Climhazzard 32 70 Non-elemental damage to all enemies Excalibur, Excalibur 2
Shock 46 60 Physical damage to enemy Ragnarok

Sword Magic
Spell MP Effect
Fire 6 Physical and Fire damage to the enemy
Fira 12 Physical and strong Fire damage to the enemy
Firaga 30 Physical and very strong Fire damage to the enemy
Blizzard 6 Physical and Ice damage to the enemy
Blizzara 12 Physical and strong Ice damage to the enemy
Blizzaga 30 Physical and very strong Ice damage to the enemy
Thunder 6 Physical and Thunder damage to the enemy
Thundara 12 Physical and strong Thunder damage to the enemy
Thundaga 30 Physical and very strong Thunder damage to the enemy
Bio 20 Inflicts enemy with Posion and causes physical damage
Water 26 Physical and Water damage to the enemy
Flare 60 Physical and non-elemental damage to enemy
Doomsday 50 Physical and Shadow damage to the enemy

Support Abilities
Name AP Learned fromů
Auto-Reflect 95 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 20 Feather Boots, Venetia Shield
Auto-Haste 65 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 75 Carabini Mail
Auto-Life 155 Rebirth Ring
HP+10% 20 Aquamarine, Chain Mail, Germinas Boots
HP+20% 60 Black Belt, Defense Gloves, Genji Helmet, Maximillian
Accuracy+ 40 Diamond Helm, Genji Armor, Lapis Lazuli
Distract 30 Diamond, Relfect Ring, Shield Armor
Long Reach 200 Protect Ring
MP Attack 50 Battle Boots, Cross Helm, Power Belt
Bird Killer 25 Bronze Armor, Chain Mail, Yellow Scarf
Bug Killer 50 Bronze Helm, Mythril Gloves
Stone Killer 20 Gold Armor, Platinum Helm
Undead Killer 30 Plate Mail, Silver Gloves
Devil Killer 30 Cross Helm, Thunder Gloves
Beast Killer 55 Black Belt, Broadsword, Moonstone, Platina Armor
Man Eater 20 Coral Ring, Mythril Gloves
Add Status 50 Glass Buckle, Thunder Gloves
Chemist 20 Grand Armor, Madain's Ring
High Tide 35 Demon's Mail, Genji Gloves, Grand Helm, Sapphire
Counter 65 Power Belt, Venetia Shield
Cover 20 Gauntlets, Linen Cuirass, Mythril Armor
Eye 4 Eye 35 Kaiser Helm
Body Temp 35 Diamond, Fairy Earrings, Genji Armor, Madain's Ring
Alert 50 Barbut, Germinas Boots
Level Up 50 Fairy Earrings, Iron Helm, Rosetta Ring
Ability Up 70 Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Lapis Lazuli, Ribbon
Insomniac 25 Coral Ring, Diamond Helm, Mythril Helm
Antibody 35 Bronze Gloves, Glass Buckle, Mythril Helm
Bright Eyes 25 Iron Helm
Restore HP 100 Grand Armor, Platinum Helm, Promist Ring
Jelly 30 Diamond Gloves, Mythril Armor
Auto-Potion 20 Gold Choker, Running Shoes
Locomotion 35 Plate Mail
Clear Headed 30 Gold Helm, Magician Shoes