FFVIII - Characters - Selphie Tilmitt

Selphie Age: 17
Height: 5'1 1/2
Birthdate: July 16th
Occupation: SeeD
Weapon: Nunchaku
Limit Break: Slot

Young, energetic and carefree.

Selphie is a bright and optimistic young girl, always in a good mood and cheering up the people who are around her. Don't let these innocent looks deceive, she is also a very talented young fighter with her strength in the use of magic.

Selphie can appear quite out of place in a military academy because of her innocent look and light-hearted personality.

Selphie was recommended for Seed when she was young and has proven to be a valuble asset to a team setup.

Although she is quite optimistic, her good mood and liveliness is sometimes an annoyance for those who are with her...