FFVIII - Characters - Cid Kramer

Cid Age: 35
Height: ??
Birthdate: ??
Occupation: President/Owner of Balamb Garden
Weapon: ??
Limit Break: ??

By reason of fate, the softly spoken Robin Williams... um sorry, Cid Kramer, became the Principle of Balamb Garden after he founded it in a world in danger of losing its peace. Squall and others grew up with Cid, whom they deeply trust and respect.

From his belief to grow pupils up as unique human beings, and his soft-spoken temprament and mild manner, Cid trained his students up to be an elite set of soldiers in the form of SeeD, the likes of which are feared throughout Balamb and other Dukedoms.

There's more to Cid than first meets the eye...