FFVIII - Characters - Kiros & Ward

Kiros & Ward Age: ??
Height: Kiros: 6'4
Birthdate: ??
Occupation: Galbadia Soldiers
Weapon: Kiros: Hand blades; Ward: Harpoon
Limit Break: ??

Laguna has two close and loyal friends throughout the flashbacks, Kiros and Ward. They both serve with Laguna in the Galbadian Army, but progress to better things...

Kiros (on the right of the picture) is very agile and uses his two hand blades named "Katar" and slices away his opponent in his move called BloodPain. Ward, on the other hand, is a very large man meaning he is quite cumbersome (look at the way he runs! ^^). In his special ability called 'Mash Bunker', Ward throws his gigantic harpoon into the air and quickly follows it by jumping high. Ward then catches the harpoon in the air and throws it into the enemy.