FFVIII - Characters - Irvine Kinneas

Irvine Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Birthdate: November 24
Occupation: Galbadia Cadet
Weapon: Rifle
Limit Break: Shot

An expert gunman and consummate ladies man.

Known as the 'Best shooter in Garden', Irvine is an expert marksman from Galbadia Garden. With his cowboy appearance, he can prove a worthy addition to the team as he proves his loyalty and effectiveness in combat.

Irvine's reputation for cherishing the company of women is almost as well known as his accuracy with a rifle.

Irvine is not a student at Balamb Garden like Squall, instead he attends the Galbadia Garden on the continent of Galbadia. It's a comparatively small outfit compared to Balamb, but it is just as effective.

He is very confident of his abilities (proclaiming himself to be the best shooter in the land), and although he can appear insensitive and frivolous at first glance, deep down he is delicate, sedate and serious.