FFVII - Walkthrough - 4.2 Yuffie's Subquest

Location How to get there Items to get
Town of Wutai. You can go here in Disc 1 after you get the Tiny Bronco, or you can do this in Disc 2, once you have the Highwind or a colored Chocobo. You CANNOT do this in Disc 3, however. Go to the southern end of the Westernmost Continent using the Tiny Bronco, Highwind, a Chocobo, or a Chocobo + the Highwind. You MUST have gotten Yuffie (though she doesn't have to be in the current party) in order to perform this sub-quest. You can also land by Wutai and try to enter from there--you'll still end up in the plains with Yuffie. Hairpin, Magic Shuriken, MP Absorb materia, Swift Bolt, Elixir x2, Dragoon Lance, Peace Ring, HP Absorb materia, X-Potion, Turbo Ether, Ice Ring, All Creation Manual, Leviathan materia.

After arriving at the southern tip of the Westernmost Continent, head north. There is a curving path that leads up to a high plateau. As you go along the curve (even if you are riding a Chocobo) you will be interrupted by Yuffie. The screen switches to that of a plain, and Yuffie runs up, steals your Materia*, and escapes, but not before leaving you with two Shinra guards to contend with! The guards are easily beaten, though. If Yuffie was in your party when she tricked you, you'll have to fight the guards only using two people (in which case Barret will join the party afterwards, and if he's already in your party, then whoever isn't being used will join. Keep in mind that you can rearrange the party in whatever way you'd like afterwards).

Note that if you have the Highwind, you're better off landing near Wutai, then trying to enter the town (you'll still end up in the wilderness area with Yuffie). This is because you won't have to walk as far when the quest is over).

*  She can take 48-50 Materia (the number varies), and will steal them in this order of preference: Master Materia, Summon Materia, Independent Materia, Command Materia, Combination Materia and then Magic Materia. This means that it is possible to be left with a few materia after she has escaped. Note that if you're using the Materia Select Game Shark code and you have disabled Materia equipped/in your inventory, she'll steal them and you _won't_ get them back.

At this point, your characters will refuse to board the vehicle you used to get here (Highwind, Tiny Bronco, or Chocobo), insisting that they find Yuffie instead. If you were on a Chocobo when Yuffie stole your Materia, then you'll still be on it when the sequence ends, but you won't be able to board the Highwind, and if you get off the Chocobo, you can't get back on. If you use the 'Start with Gold Chocobo' code, then you can leave the island, but I don't know what happens if you do this sub-quest while riding a real Gold Chocobo. In any case, you can use the Chocobo to cheat and simply ride all the way to Wutai, Yuffie's hometown. If you're not on a Chocobo, you'll have to walk.

From the curving path, head north until you cross a bridge, then go west across a second bridge. Head southeast once you reach the other side; this leads to a north-bound path that runs under the bridge. Follow it and it will lead up to another bridge. Past the bridge, the land becomes flat and grassy. Keep heading north and you'll arrive at Wutai.

When you enter the town, Yuffie will see you and run away. Head to the upper-left corner of town. There's a path here that leads to a large courtyard and a pagoda. Enter the building to your right and walk along the hall until you arrive at a room with a man sleeping inside. Enter it and talk to the man. He is Godo, Yuffie's father. Keep talking to him until he stands up, at which point Yuffie will appear and then be chased away by her father. If you follow Yuffie, you'll find that she has disappeared. Before leaving this area, enter the room next to Godo's and examine the right wall. There is a hidden panel here that will open, revealing a passage. At the end of the passage is a chest containing the Hairpin (a weapon for Red 13). On your way out, go into the room to the left of the entrance. You can come here and spend the night for free, but if you examine the scroll on the left wall, it will lift up, revealing another passage. The chest at the end of this passage has a Magic Shuriken inside it.

Return to town and go into the eatery in the southwest corner of town. The Turks are her! Talk to them all (Elena, Rude, and Reno). When you are finished, go to the Item Shop. Normally, there is a woman standing in front of a treasure chest (preventing you from getting at it) but now she will have moved away. Open the chest and you'll get a MP Absorb materia, but Yuffie will drop down from the ceiling and swipe it from your hands! Leave the shop and go to the southeast edge of town. There's a building here near the entrace. Go inside and examine the folding panel to the left. Hiding behind it is Yuffie, who dashes away as soon as she is discovered. Chase her outside and go to the eatery. If you look at the jar standing outside the eatery, you'll see that it is moving. Approach it and press O to make your friends block all the exits. Then press O three times to make your main character hit the jar until Yuffie jumps out. Seeing that she can't escape, she'll lead your characters to her house.

Meanwhile, two Shinra soldiers run into the eatery to meet with the Turks. After Elena leaves, you'll find your characters in Yuffie's house. When she goes downstairs, follow her. I was sure that I found an item in this room once, but I guess I was mistaken...anyway, don't miss the Turtle's Paradise Flyer that's on the far wall when you go downstairs. Talk to Yuffie. When you can move again, examine the levers in the back room; you can pull the right lever or the left one. It doesn't matter which one you choose, since either one will make a cage drop on top of your allies! Yes, Yuffie has tricked you again. Examine either lever a second time to free your friends, then leave the house.

Return to the courtyard area where the pagoda is and you'll see that you can now enter the building to your left. Climb up the steps and examine the bell to ring it; this will reveal a hidden door. Beyond the door, you'll find Yuffie, who has been taken hostage by none other than Don Corneo, the mohawked pervert that tricked you back in the Wall Market. He has captured Elena as well. Before chasing after him, open the chest to your right to find a Swift Bolt, and open the chest to your left to get an Elixir. Go up the stairs and you'll find yourselves in the altar room back in Godo's house. Three Shinra soldiers appear and attack you, allowing Corneo to escape. Kill the guards (they're the same as the ones that attacked you back on the curving path), then go outside.

Here, you'll run into Rude and Reno. Talk to them, then return to town and head to the northeastern corner of Wutai. There's a path here that leads up into the mountains, where huge Dachao statues have been carved into the rock. Talk to the Turks again as you follow the path, and keep going along the path until it splits. Take the path that goes north. It leads past a huge head to a crossroads. Rude is standing here, blocking the entrace to a cave. If you talk to him, he'll enter the cave. You can't get across the fire-pits yet unless you've gotten the Leviathan Scales from the Junon Underwater Mako Reactor. There's a chest here that has a weapon for Cid in it, too (Dragoon Lance). Talk to Rude again and then exit the cave and head south to find Corneo, who's tied Elena and Yuffie to the face of a Da-chao statue. When you confront him, he summons a boss to attack you.

LV 39 HP 6000 MP 300 Weak Against
This winged beast isn't that tough, but unless you were able to hold onto some Materia, all you can do is attack. Use Phoenix Downs and Hi-Potions or other restorative items to heal your party, and you may want to use 'attack' items like the Deadly Waste or Swift Bolt in order to inflict damage along with your normal attacks. Because of their high attack power, Red 13 and Vincent make the best allies to have in this fight. If you think you can make it without Vincent assisting you, then use his breaks to inflict lots of damage on the boss. You'll recieve a Peace Ring when the battle is finished.

After the battle, Don Corneo will ask you a question and you have three answers to choose from. Pick any one you like. Corneo threatens to kill Yuffie and Elena, but then Reno and Rude show up and send Corneo to his well-deserved demise. Back at her house, Yuffie will give all the materia she stole back to your characters (including the MP Absorb materia).

You'll find yourself back in the World Map again, but I wouldn't leave just yet if I were you. Return to Wutai and enter the building near Yuffie's house. It's full of cats. Normally, there's nothing you can do here, but now you can climb up the steps in the back to find a secret passage. Walk north (towards the screen), to find a cat and a chest. Inside the chest is a HP Absorb materia. Take it and go back outside.

Now, head back to the courtyard. Enter the pagoda and talk to the man there, Goorikii. He'll inform you that if she wishes, Yuffie can fight by herself against the five guardians of the Pagoda of Five Strong. Choose the top option to accept and the bottom option to decline. After each battle, go up the stairs and talk to the person there, picking the top option to fight them and the bottom option to not fight them. You don't have to kill all the guardians in one go, and if Yuffie is killed in battle, the game won't end, although she'll have zero HP and will need to be revived before she can fight again. Your enemies are:

First Floor: Gorky, a winged creature.

LV 30 HP 3000 MP 150 Weak Against Wind
Use Haste on yourself, then use the Deathblow materia repeatedly in order to inflict lots of damage. Don't forget to heal yourself when your life gets low. The boss can use Barrier, but he's still easy to defeat. Yuffie gets an X-Potion once she's won the battle.

Second Floor: Shake, a penguin-like monster.

LV 32 HP 4000 MP 180 Weak Against
Use the same strategy that you used against Gorky. You might try the Barrier spell to reduce physical damage. His 'Furious Bomber' attack causes a lot of damage, but it will fill up your Limit Break bar very quickly. Yuffie will recieve an Turbo Ether when the fight ends.

Third Floor: Chekhov, a four-armed foe.

LV 34 HP 5000 MP 210 Weak Against
Keep your HPs up in case you get paralyzed. Once again, using Haste, Barrier, and then attacking with the Deathblow materia should do the trick if your attack power is low. Yuffie's prize for winning this battle is an Ice Ring.

Fourth Floor: Staniv, a creature swinging and iron ball.

LV 36 HP 6000 MP 240 Weak Against
Fight him the same way you fought Shake. Without a doubt, the easiest boss of the Pagoda. If you win, Yuffie will get an Elixir from him.

Fifth Floor: Godo, a three-headed monster. Note that he will automatically attack you win you talk to him.

LV 41 HP 10000 MP 1000 Weak Against
Godo's attack style changes depending on which head is facing you. He has many attacks, including the Trine Enemy Skill and the ability to drain your HP. He will also use his supply of MP to heal himself for around 1200+ points per use. To beat him, deplete him MP supply by using the Ghost Hand item or Magic Hammer Enemy Skill (you can learn it from the Razor Weeds that live north of Wutai; they look like bunches of grass). The other way to beat him is simply Berserk yourself, assuming you have enough HP and your attacks do over 1200 points of damage. Your only other tactic is to stay alive until he runs out of HP and then attack him. You'll get Yuffie's Level 4 Limit Break Manual (All Creation once Godo is defeated. If you got the Enemy Skill materia from the Chocobo Sage and want to stick Trine on it, this is the only time you'll be able to learn it, so don't miss out!

After Yuffie defeats Godo, he'll give you the Leviathan materia.

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