FFVII - Equipment - Cloud

Cloud's Weapons
Name Growth Attack Att% Location
Buster Sword Normal 18 96 Initial Equip
Mythril Saber Normal 23 98 Bought in Kalm
Hardedge Normal 32 98 Steal from SOILDER 3rd Class in Shinra Building, bought in Gongaga
Butterfly Edge Normal 39 100 Bought in Cosmo Canyon
Enhance Sword Normal 43 107 Found in Gaeas Cliff
Organics Normal 62 103 Bought in Icicle Inn
Crystal Sword Normal 76 105 Bought in Mideel
Force Stealer Double 36 100 Win from Heindegger in Junon, buy in North Corel
Rune Blade Double 40 108 Found in the first screen of the Nibel Mountains
Murasame Normal 51 100 Bought in Wutai
Nail Bat Nothing 70 100 Found in Temple of the Ancients (fall down at the giant clock area), also bought in disc 2-3 Junon
Yoshiyuki Normal 56 100 Talk to the old man in Rocket town on disc one, look at the rocket with him
Apocalypse Triple 88 110 The last screen of the Ancient Forest
Heaven's Cloud Normal 93 100 Found in the Sunken Plane in the bottom of the ocean, using the submarine
Ragnarok Normal 97 105 Won from Proud Clod
Ultima Weapon Nothing 100 110 Defeat Ultima WEAPON over Cosmo Canyon