FFVII - Equipment - Accessories

Best Accessories
Name Comments Location
Championship Belt Increases Power and Vitality by 30. In the Battle Square. It costs 16000 BP.
Circlet Increases Magic and Spirit by 30. Stolen from Ultimate Weapon. See Fighting Weapons. Can also be stolen from Snow in the Snow mountains (the irritating lady that does facination on you).
Curse Ring It will increase the character's stats (see below), but will get an instant death at the end of the countdown. The stats will remain even the character dies. Recommended for short battles. At Mideel (Village on the Southeastern Island), get Tifa to open the door in the weapon shop on the second floor. Then go outside to the person standing on the left. Walk around that area and stop when you hear a clicking sound. you will pick up a key. Go back to the door, and try to open it with the key. When the key breaks, the shop owner will ask you something. Just tell him the truth and he will give you this accessory. There's one more with Ultimate Weapon, when it attacks Mideel. Steal from it.
Protect Ring Automatically puts your character in Barrier, MBarrier. Stolen from the two headed Dragon (Schizo) at the Northern Continent. Also can be obtained by morphing Mover (those orange balls in the Northern Crater which come in threes). These creatures give you 2400 AP but no EXP.
Ribbon (Best) This is my favourite. It prevents nearly all bad statuses except for slow and stop on the wearer. In the Temple of the Ancients, where the clock is, go to V; In the snow mountains (Inside of Gaea's Cliff), hidden in one of the caves near Javelin; In the last area (The Crater), use the Morph command on Master Tonberry (holding the lantern). For your information, this guy has 44444 HP, so watch out. You can also get it in the Battle Arena, in the Special battle. Morph the second creature (the one with two long arms, called Ho-chu).
Tetra Elemental Gains HP from sources of fire, ice, lightning and earth. In the Crater, where you choose which member to go whichever direction, head right. It can also be obtained by morphing the Cactuer at the Cactus Island south of Cosmo Canyon Area.
Touph Ring This accessory was used by Sephiroth early in the game. It can be stolen from Reno (Turks). In the sunken airplane and Midgar.

All Accessories
Name Description
Power Wrist "Strength" + 10
Protect Vest "Vitality" + 10
Earring "Magic" + 10
Talisman "Spirit" + 10
Choco Feather "Dexterity" + 10
Amulet "Luck" + 10
Touph Ring "Vitality" & "Spirit" + 50
Circlet "Magic" & "Spirit" + 30
Championship Belt "Power" & "Vitality" + 30
Star Pendant Protects against [Poison]
Silver Glasses Protects against [Darkness]
Headband Protects against [Sleep]
Fairy Ring Protects against [Poison/Darkness]
Jem Ring Protects against [Paralyse/Petrify/Slow-numb]
White Cape Protects against [Frog/Small]
Peace Ring Protects against [Berserk/Fury/Sadness]
Safety Bit Protects against [Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow-numb]
Ribbon Protects against all abnormal status
Fire Ring Nullifies [Fire] attacks
Ice Ring Nullifies [Cold] attacks
Bolt Ring Nullifies [Lightning] attacks
Poison Ring Drains [Poison] attacks, protects against [Poison]
Water Ring Drains Water attacks
Tetra Elemental Drains [Fire/Cold/Lightning/Earth] attacks
Sprint Shoes Automatically puts you in [Haste]
Fury Ring Automatically puts you in [Berserk]
Protect Ring Automatically puts you in [Barrier/MBarrier]
Reflect Ring Automatically sets up [Reflect]
Curse Ring It increases each status but ....
Cat's Bell Restores HP as you walk
Sneak Glove Increases Stealing rate
HypnoCrown Increases Manipulation rate