FFIX - FAQ - FAQ - Disc 3

Any good ways of beating Hippaul in the race?

Yes. Press the buttons repeatedly, don't take breaks during races, and get someone else to do it if you are tired. I suggest letting your hand rest every 10 or so runs ^_^.

What do you do as Vivi in Alexandria?

Play Hippaul's racing, talk to Zidane and follow Blank, Marcus and Cinna to Ruby's Mini-Theater (Located in the alley where you first met Puck).

What Stellaizzos are available on disc 3?

Pratically nearly all of them. I will list the ones which are new to the disc - if you want infomation on Disc 1 and 2 Stellaizzo, look in the Disc 1 + 2 parts. Leo: check the right side of the Neptune room statue. the room is in the right tower in Alexandria; Capricorn: once you have the airship, go south on the Lost Continant to find Dagurreo. Check the waters to the right once you are in there. Aquarius: near the right hand pillar at the entrace to Ipsens castle.

In Treno, should I let Vivi go home?

It is up to you. If you want to learn more of Vivi's past, say yes. You can pick him up at Quan's Dwelling.

What is Treasure Hunting Rank?

Treasure Hunting Rank is a side-quest. In Dagurreo, the Four-Armed-Man gives you your rank, and in Treno, a girl in the Inn does. The rank shows Zidane's level in Treasure Hunting. You get points for opening Treasure Chests, stealing and holding Rare Items.

How do I beat Catoblepas in Treno Weapon shop?

Equip "JELLY", "AUTO-FLOAT" and "BEAST KILLER" as your abilities. Equip a Coral Ring to absorb lightning attacks. Use your physical attacks and Trance.

How do I beat Amdusias in the Treno weapon shop?

First, make sure you're character's level is NOT divisible by 4. If you are at a level which is a multiple of 4, Amdusias will use "Level 4 Holy" on you. Use "AUTO-REGEN" and "AUTO-REFLECT" and use physical attacks.

Can I get the final coffee on disc 3?

Yes: during the Card Tournament, let Zidane exit Treno and go to Dali. Go to the mayor's house and find the Key. Go to the windmill and use the mayor's key. Get 30,000GIL from the chest, examine the chest again for the coffee. You should now take them to Mr. Morrid.

Where are the Three Strange potions in Lindblum?

The first one belongs to Cinna, talk to him for it in the Theater District. Whilst in that area, go to Michael the Artist's house, and talk to him, and check the chest at the back on the room. And the last is in the possession of Alice the Shopkeeper. Go down to the Business District and speak to her outside of her Item shop.

Where is Kuja's Palace/Castle?

North of the world map. It is inside one of the sand-pits.

Who should I take to Oeilvert?

I suggest taking Steiner, Amarant and Freya. This leave some of your weaker attackers behind, but there is a magic barrier in Oeilvert.

Any way of killing the monsters at Kuja's palace?

Yes, Quina's Level 5 Death is a useful spell here.

My attacks do nothing in Ipsens Castle. How come?

Everything is reversed here. Your best weapons do nothing, but your worst weapons do a lot of damage.

Where are the four shrines?

The water shrine is SOUTH of Ipsens Castle. You will see a whirlpool. The Fire shrine is North East of Esta Gaza (Mt. Gulug). The wind shrine is SOUTH of Oeilvert. And the Earth Shrine is South of the Desert Palace.