FFIX - FAQ - FAQ - Disc 2

What Stellazzio can I get during Disc 2?

You can get a total of 8. You can get the three that where on Disc 1, and you can get Taurus (check behind Treno's item shop), Gemini (at the entrance of Treno, check the fountain, and throw 13 "10 Gil" coins in), Virgo (Black Mage Village Inn), Libra (check Madain Sari's fountain), Scorpio (check the rock behind the recovery spring in Quans Dwelling).

In the Treno weapon shop, how do you beat Griffin?

Make sure you have enough Stellaizzo coins for Stella to give you the "Blood Sword". Equip it on Steiner, and also have "Bird Killer" as an ability. Each hit you give to the monster will re-fill Steiner's HP, and do big damage.

Where is Quans Dwelling?

When outside of Treno, go west along the cliff, you should see a big forest, go through it and you should see a cavern. That's your target.

What is the point of Treno's Auction House?

You can buy rare items and sell them to people around the town. Some are used for minor sidequests later on. You can also buy Reflect Rings and "Dark Matter", which teaches Dagger "Odin". Another point of the place is in disc 4 where you are to buy and sell the four rare items and bidding another rare item known as "Magical Fingertip". This item can become useful during a Disc 4 sidequest...

Where is the four-armed-man who mugged Dagger?

Go to the ground part of Treno and there is a building, south of Stella's palace. Go in there.

What Figurines are collectible?

You can get Mini-Cid from Treno Auction House.

What coffee can you get?

You can get Kirman Coffee on Disc 2. Kirman Coffee is found between the dinner table in Eiko's Kitchen.

How can you beat the monster "Sand Golem"?

Attack its core. Then the Golem itself can't resurrect itself.

In Cleyra, I am controlling Freya, what shall I do?

Save, then go back down to Zidane, Vivi and Quina.

Any tips on defeating Beatrix in Cleyra?

Do the same before, Jump, Use magic etc. Quina should have a lot more Blue Magic now, so why not use them?

I am swinging the cage in Alexandria (the one where Steiner and Marcus is in), but it isn't doing anything.

Keep trying. When Marcus tells you the direction, quickly press the correct button. Another good tip, if when the cage is swinging in one direction, press that button of the direction, the cage will go even farther.

Any tips on Zorn and Thorn?

Yes. Only attack one of them. Defeat one (I recommend attacking Thorn, the red one, as he has less HP) and the battle is won. Also, when one of them gives magic to the other one, attack the one who received the magic; otherwise, they'll use a powerful spell.

Beatrix is proving difficult in Alexandria once again.....any tips?

Yes. You should have a LOT more weapons from Cleyra, Treno and the Mogshop. Equip them, these weapons are powerful, and will get the job over with fast.

I am in the Pinnacle Rocks, Where is Ramuh?

Ramuh's ghost is hidden in 5 locations. These can be ranged from Tree Branches, to parts in the water.

What order is the story by Ramuh?

The correct order is: Beginning, Cooperation, Silence, Hero; or, you can have it as Beginning, Cooperation, Silence, Human.

If I turn Ramuh's offer down, can I still get him?

Yes, you can still get a Peridot from Griffins in Fossil Roo and the forests around Black Mage Village. Garnet can still summon Ramuh.

How do I get Quina back?

Go back into Qu's Marsh. Quina will be waiting for you there.

How do I get to the ruins/Fossil Roo which leads to another continent?

In Qu's Marsh, get Quina. After you get him/her, go to the bottom right side of the pond screen. A short scene will happen and you'll automatically be there.

What can you do about that monster chasing you in Fossil Roo?

Not a lot I am afraid. Just run. Keep your thumb/finger on the analog or DASH button. When sythes in in your direction, stop until they move.

What is the point in digging, and how do you do it in Fossil Roo?

When you find the miner who is board, you can mine. Go around the spiriel, hitting X repeatedly. You can find some free-treasure. Plus, you can find the Moogle "Kuppo".

Where can I learn White Wind?

In Fossil Roo, fight a monster called Griffon. You can also learn it from Myconid/Zemzellets in the Black Mage Forest. And (you can do this on Disc 1), Around Cleya, or in the Tree Trunk, eat a low-eccountered Zuu.

I am on the Outer Continent, where should I go?

Follow the paths until you see a bridge. That's your target. You need to walk around, go up a hill to get there. When the words "Outer Continent" are showing, run south as much as possible, there will be no enemy encounters. You will see a Qu's Marsh along the way. Go past Qu's Marsh and call a chocobo on the chocobo tracks. Take the chocobo to go to Condo Petie.

How can I find the Black Mage Village? I am in the Black Mage Forest, but can't find it.

The village is at the end of the forest on the world map. When you get in, walk down the path without the owls. The correct path is RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT and RIGHT.

I am told to goto the Iifa Tree with Eiko, but I can't find it.

Remember when you fought Hilgigas earlier? Go north from where you fought him.

How do you beat the red haired man?

To beat him, equip the new weapon (you did speak to Mog right?) and attack only when he is still. If you attack whilst he is moving, there is a good chance you'll lose. Also, a Hi-Potion won't help much, since it heals 450HP, and the man can do about 450HP each turn. Use an Elixir. Another quick and good way is to get Zidane near Trance as much as possible. His Solution 9, and spells like that can do heavy damage.