FFVII - Monsters - Morph List

Monster Item You Get
Sector 5 Slum
Vice Potion
Hedgehog Pie Ether
Sector 6
Hell House Potion
Whole Eater Potion
Shinra Building
Sword Dance Light Curtain
Midgar Area
Prowler Hi-potion
Kalm Fang Hi-potion
Custom Sweeper X-Potion
Grasslands Area
Mandragora Ether
Levrikon Hi-potion
Midgar Zolom X-potion
Devil Ride Hi-potion
Mythril Mine
Ark Dragon Phoenix Down
Madouge Hi-potion
Junon Area
Zemzelett Hi-potion
Hell Rider vr2 Hi-potion
Junon Path
Slalom Hi-potion
Corel Area
Beach Plug Turbo Ether
Cockatolis Soft
Needle Kiss Remedy
Mt. Corel
Search Crown Hi-potion
Corel Reactor
Bloatfloat Hi-potion
Bagnadrana Guard Source
Gold Saucer Area
Flapbeat T/S Bomb
Gongaga Area
Grand Horn Hi-potion
Gagihandi Remedy
Gongaga Jungle
Kimara Bug Hourglass
Touch Me Remedy
Gongaga Reactor
Heavy Tank Power Source
Cosmo Area
Skeeskee Hyper
Griffin Phoenix Down
Crown Lance Dream Powder
Nibel Area
Valron Hi-potion
Nibel Wolf Hi-potion
Dorky Face Mute Mask
Black Bat Vampire Fang
Mt. Nibel
Kyuvilduns Hi-potion
Zuu Birdwing
Sonic Speed Speed Drink
Screamer Power Source
Twinbrain Turbo Ether
Rocket Launch Pad Area
Velcher Task Remedy
Wutai Area
Thunder Bird Swift Bolt
Woodlands Area
Under Lizard Remedy
Slaps Hyper
Temple of Ancients
Kelzmelzer Antidote
Corel Valley
Malldancer X-potion
Boundfat Dazers
Icicle Area
Jumping Antarctic Wind
Bandersnatch Ice Crystal
Vlakorados Elixer
Inside of Gaeas Cliff
Headbomber Tranquilizer
Zolokalter Antidote
Evilhead Holy Torch
Stilva Holy Torch
Whirlwind Maze
Wind Wing Phoenix Down
Gremlin X-potion
Mideel Area
Sea Worm Dragon Scale
Spiral Guard Source
Crysales Dream Powder
Underwater Reactor
Corvette Light Curtain
Ghost Ship Guide Book
Underwater Shinra Plane
Unknown Power Source
Unknown 2 Guard Source
Unknown 3 Magic Source
Poodler Speed Source
Badrap Mind Source
Sector 8 Underground
Crazy Saw Turbo Ether
Northern Cave
Dark Dragon Vaccine
Parasite Remedy
Dragon Zombie Vaccine
Mastaer Tonberry Ribbon
Armored Golem Guard Source
Mover Protect Ring
Iron Man Escort Guard
Cactus Island
Cactuer Tetra Elemental