FFXII - Espers - Ultima, the High Seraph

Kanya Ascendant
Masterpiece among the scions created by the gods, and mastermind of the plot to rise against them. Prior to her betrayal, she was tasked with guiding souls to heaven and aiding in their reincarnation. Called the High Seraph for her angelic wings of glimmering gold, yet it was on wings of deepest black that the tainted angel Ultima rose against the gods. Since her fall, her heart is without light, and impossible to know.

Previously seen in: Final Fantasy Tactics as leader of the Lucavi (Altima), and as the Totema for the Nu Mou in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Location: Giruvegan, the Great Crystal, optional area that opens up after obtaining the Treaty-blade. Located after the save point, at the very end of a long and tedious dungeon.

Battle info
Status: Reflect, Protect, Shell, Haste
Weak: Dark, Absorbs: Holy, Immune: Other elements
Steal: Virgo Gem
Attacks: Redemption (~5000), Regular (~1200), Holyja (~5500 all + Reverse), Greater Barrier (Protect + Shell?)
Stipulation: Rotates throughout the battle; HP drain, MP drain, Cannot Attack, Cannot use Magic, Cannot use Technicks, Cannot use Items, Magnetic Field (metallic equipment grows heavy), then returns to HP drain and continues.
LP received: 65
LP to acquire: 90

Advice: Start with Dispel. Ultima may not have the crushing attacks of Zodiark, but she more than makes up for it with the worst stipulation of all: ROTATING STIPULATIONS! Chances are you'll have to frequently head into your menu and adjust your Gambits and/or Equipment to deal with the present stipulation. You'll also be notified when the stipulation changes... but you would likely notice anyways. Big Holy attacks, so equipment that reduces Holy damage might be a wise move. Reverse could be handy, but also a hindrance... an Esunaga should take care of it. But mainly, you should focus on staying afloat and adapting your strategies to whatever the present stipulation is.