FFX - Abilities - White Magic

White Magic
Name MP Description
Scan 1 View detailed enemy data during battle.
Haste 8 Accelerates character's speed.
Hastega 30 Cast Haste on the entire party.
Slow 12 Slows an enemy down.
Slowga 20 Casts Slow on all enemies.
Cure 4 Restores a small amount of HP.
Cura 10 Restores a medium amount of HP.
Curaga 20 Restores a large amount of HP.
Esuna 5 Cures status ailments.
Life 18 Restore a KO'd character and some HP.
Protect 12 Lowers damage done by physical attacks.
Shell 10 Lowers effectiveness of magical attacks.
NulBlaze 2 Makes whole party immune to one fire attack.
NulShock 2 Makes whole party immune to one lightning attack.
NulTide 2 Makes whole party immune to one water attack.
NulFrost 2 Makes whole party immune to one ice attack.
Full-Life 60 Revives KO'd character and restores full HP.
Reflect 14 Reflects spells cast on character to enemy.
Dispel 12 Removes effects of Haste, Protect, Shell, Reflect, and Curse.
Regen 40 Continually restores HP.
Holy 85 Holy magic damage to enemies.
Auto-Life 97 Automatically revives a KO'd character.