FFX - Abilities - Special

Special Abilities
Name MP Description
Use 0 Use special items in battle.
Flee 0 Allows you to escape easily from battle.
Cheer 0 Raises party's strength and defense.
Aim 0 Increases party's accuracy.
Jinx 0 Lowers opponent's luck.
Reflex 0 Raises party's evasion.
Focus 0 Raises party's magic attack and magic defense.
Luck 0 Raises party's luck.
Lancet 0 Absorbs HP/MP and sometimes allows character to learn an enemy skill.
Guard 0 Take damage in place of another character.
Steal 0 Steal items from enemies.
Spare Change 0 Throw gil at an enemy to do damage. Damage = 1/10 amount of gil thrown.
Sentinel 0 Take damage for another character.
Copycat 28 Mimic the last action taken by the character, not including Aeons or Overdrives.
Threaten 12 Immoblize a fiend with fear.
Entrust 8 Transfer Overdrive gauge to another character.
Provoke 4 Draws an enemy's attacks toward character.
Doublecast 0 Cast two magic spells in a row.
Pray 0 Restores a little HP to party.
Bribe 0 Pay enemies for a safe passage. Refer to bestiary for amount.