FFX - Abilities - Armor

Armor Abilities
Name Description Item
Auto-Potion Character automatically uses recovery items when hit. Stamina Spring x 4
Auto-Med Character automatically uses items to cure status ailments. Remedy x 20
Auto-Phoenix Automatically use a Phoenix Down on character when KO'd. Mega Phoenix x 20
Pickpocket Improves chances of stealing rare items. Amulet x 30
Master Thief Allows character to steal only rare items. Pendulum x 30
Break HP Limit Allows character's max HP to exceed 9999. Wings to Discover x 30
Break MP Limit Allows character's max MP to exceed 999. Three Stars x 30
HP Stroll Character recovers HP while walking. Stamina Spring x 2
MP Stroll Character recovers MP while walking. Mana Spring x 2
No Encounters Stops random encounters. Purifying Salt x 30
Fire Ward Reduces fire elemental damage by half. Bomb Fragment x 4
Fireproof Character is immune to fire elemental attacks. Bomb Core x 8
Fire Eater Character absorbs fire elemental attacks. Fire Gem x 20
Ice Ward Reduces ice elemental damage by half. Antarctic Wind x 4
Iceproof Character is immune to ice elemental attacks. Arctic Wind x 8
Ice Eater Character absorbs ice elemental attacks. Ice Gem x 20
Lightning Ward Reduces lightning elemental damage by half. Electro Marble x 4
Lightningproof Character is immune to lightning elemental attacks. Lightning Marble x 8
Lightning Eater Character absorbs lightning elemental attacks. Lightning Gem x 20
Water Ward Reduces water elemental damage by half. Fish Scale x 4
Waterproof Character is immune to water elemental attacks. Dragon Scale x 8
Water Eater Character absorbs water elemental attacks. Water Gem x 20
Deathproof Almost always protects against instant death. Farplane Wind x 60
Death Ward Sometimes protects against instant death. Farplane Shadow x 15
Zombieproof Almost always protects against zombie. Candle of Life x 10
Zombie Ward Sometimes protects against zombie. Holy Water x 30
Stoneproof Almost always protects against petrification. Petrify Grenade x 20
Stone Ward Sometimes protects against petrification. Soft x 30
Poisonproof Almost always protects against poison. Poison Fang x 12
Poison Ward Sometimes protects against poison. Antidote x 40
Sleepproof Almost always protects against sleep. Dream Powder x 8
Sleep Ward Sometimes protects against sleep. Sleeping Powder x 6
Silenceproof Almost always protects against silence. Silence Grenade x 10
Silence Ward Sometimes protects against silence. Echo Screen x 30
Darkproof Almost always protects against darkness. Smoke Bomb x 10
Dark Ward Sometimes protects against darkness. Eye Drops x 40
Slowproof Almost always protects against slowness. Gold Hourglass x 20
Slow Ward Sometimes protects against slowness. Silver Hourglass x 10
Confuseproof Almost always protects against confusion. Musk x 48
Confuse Ward Sometimes protects against confusion. Musk x 16
Berserkproof Almost always protects against berserk. Hypello Potion x 32
Berserk Ward Sometimes protects against berserk. Hypello Potion x 8
Curseproof Almost always protects against curse. Tetra Elemental x 12
Curse Ward Sometimes protects against curse. Musk x 16
Auto-Shell Character automatically casts Shell Lunar Curtain x 80
Auto-Protect Character automatically casts Protect. Light Curtain x 70
Auto-Haste Character automatically casts Haste. Chocobo Wing x 80
Auto-Regen Character automatically casts Regen. Healing Spring x 80
Auto-Reflect Character automatically casts Reflect. Star Curtain x 40
SOS Shell Character casts Shell when HP is low. Lunar Curtain x 8
SOS Protect Character casts Protect when HP is low. Light Curtain x 8
SOS Haste Character casts Haste when HP is low. Chocobo Feather x 20
SOS Regen Character casts Regen when HP is low. Healing Spring x 12
SOS Reflect Character casts Reflect when HP is low. Star Curtain x 8
SOS NulTide Character casts NulTide when HP is low. Dragon Scale
SOS NulFrost Character casts NulFrost when HP is low. Arctic Wind
SOS NulShock Character casts NulShock when HP is low. Lightning Marble
SOS NulBlaze Character casts NulBlaze when HP is low. Bomb Core
Defense +3% Raises defense by 3%. Power Sphere x 3
Defense +5% Raises defense by 5%. Stamina Spring x 2
Defense +10% Raises defense by 10%. Special Sphere
Defense +20% Raises defense by 20%. Blessed Gem x 4
Magic Def +3% Raises magic defense by 3%. Magic Sphere x 3
Magic Def +5% Raises magic defense by 5%. Mana Spring x 2
Magic Def +10% Raises magic defense by 10%. White Magic Sphere.
Magic Def +20% Raises magic defense by 20%. Blessed Gem x 4
HP +5% Raises max HP by 5%. X-Potion
HP +10% Raises max HP by 10%. Soul Spring x 3
HP +20% Raises max HP by 20%. Elixir x 5
HP +30% Raises max HP by 30%. Stamina Tonic
MP +5% Raises max MP by 5%. Ether
MP +10% Raises max MP by 10%. Soul Spring x 3
MP +20% Raises max MP by 20%. Elixir x 5
MP +30% Raises max MP by 30%. Mana Tonic