FFVIII - GFs - Tonberry

Attack Chef's Knife  Render
Element None
A small puddle forms on the battlefield, from which a little lantern pops out, held by a little green creature. It's Tonberry! He switches his lantern on, picks his kitchen knife up and slowly walks towards the enemy. Once he has reached the enemy, he'll stab them!
How to Gain
You need to battle 20 Tonberries in a row at the Centa Tower, and finally defeat the King Tonberry (Disc 3). For more information, go here.

Abilities: Junction | Command | Character | Party | Guardian Force | Menu

Command Abilities AP Needed
Magic Allows character to cast stored magic. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
GF Allows character to summon a GF. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
Draw Allows character to 'Draw' magic (or a GF) from an enemy. After selecting Draw, you are given the option of using the drawn magic immediately, or storing it for later use. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
Item Allows character to use items from your inventory during battle. Not affected by Silence. Complete
LV Down Cuts an enemy's level in half. Complete
LV Up Doubles an enemy's level. Complete
Character Abilities AP Needed
Eva+30% Increases character's Evasion stat by 30%. Complete

Increases character's Luck stat by 50%.

Initiative Allows character to have a turn right at the start of battle. 160
Move-HP Up Allows character to recover HP as s/he walks. 200
Auto-Potion Allows character to automatically use a Potion when hit. 150
Guardian Force Abilities AP Needed
SumMag+10% Increases the GF's attacking power by 10%. 40
SumMag+20% Increases the GF's attacking power by 20%. 70
SumMag+30% Increases the GF's attacking power by 30%. 140
Boost Temporarily increases GF's attacking power based on the number achieved (75-250) at the end of the boost period. Press Select during a summon animation, and then press Square repeatedly while the red X is NOT showing. 10
GFHP+10% Increases the GF's HP by 10%. 40
GFHP+20% Increases the GF's HP by 20%. 70
GFHP+30% Increases the GF's HP by 30%. 140
Menu Abilities AP Needed
Haggle Allows you to buy shop items at a discounted price. 150
Sell-High Allows you to sell items for a higher amount of gil. 150
Familiar Allows you to buy rare items from shops. 150
Call Shop Allows you to call any shop from the menu. 200