FFVIII - GFs - Bahamut

Attack Mega Flare  Render
Element None
The camera zooms out into space to view the Final Fantasy world. The dragon of the seven heavens glides through the clouds, seeking the evil. Back at the battle, the sky is set alight with lightning, rumbling with thunder. Suddenly, Bahamut storms through the dark sky and attacks with 4 huge white flares which cause a massive explosion in the face of the enemy. Bahamut flies away.
How to Gain
You need to battle and defeat him in the Secret Research Centre. It's best to do it with higher levels on Disc 3. For more information, go here.

Abilities: Junction | Command | Character | Party | Guardian Force | Menu

Junction Abilities AP Needed
Abilityx4 Allows character to equip four party or character abilities. Complete
Command Abilities AP Needed
Magic Allows character to cast stored magic. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
GF Allows character to summon a GF. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
Draw Allows character to 'Draw' magic (or a GF) from an enemy. After selecting Draw, you are given the option of using the drawn magic immediately, or storing it for later use. Unavailable if character is Silenced. Complete
Item Allows character to use items from your inventory during battle. Not affected by Silence. Complete
Character Abilities AP Needed
Str+60% Increases character's Strength stat by 60%. Complete
Mag+60% Increases character's Magic stat by 60%. Complete
Mug Allows character to attempt to steal from an enemy when character attacks. 200
Move-HP Up Allows character to recover HP as s/he walks. 200
Auto-Protect Allows character to automatically cast Protect at the start of battle. 250
Expendx2-1 Allows character to use only one spell, instead of two, during Double. 250
Party Abilities AP Needed
Rare Item Increases the chance of an enemy dropping rare items after battle. 250
Guardian Force Abilities AP Needed
SumMag+10% Increases the GF's attacking power by 10%. 40
SumMag+20% Increases the GF's attacking power by 20%. 70
SumMag+30% Increases the GF's attacking power by 30%. 140
SumMag+40% Increases the GF's attacking power by 40%. 200
Boost Temporarily increases GF's attacking power based on the number achieved (75-250) at the end of the boost period. Press Select during a summon animation, and then press Square repeatedly while the red X is NOT showing. 10
GFHP+10% Increases the GF's HP by 10%. 40
GFHP+20% Increases the GF's HP by 20%. 70
GFHP+30% Increases the GF's HP by 30%. 140
GFHP+40% Increases the GF's HP by 40%. 200
Menu Abilities AP Needed
Forbid Mag-RF Allows you to convert certain items to 'Forbidden' magic. Complete