FFX - Sidequests - Lightning Dodger

As you have probably have noticed the Thunder Plains can be a very dangerous place. Even though lightning strikes very often there you do have the ability to dodge it. Dodging it consecutively can earn you great rewards. The screen flashes right before you are hit. If you manage to hit [x] right then before the lightning strikes you will dodge it. Here is a list of items you will receive if you dodge lightning a certain number of times:

5 times 2 X-potions
10 times 2 Mega-potions
20 times 2 MP Spheres
50 times 3 Strength Spheres
100 times 3 HP Spheres
150 times 4 Megalixirs
200 times Venus Sigil

You can collect your rewards in the treasure chest outside of the Travel Agency. And remember that the item you receive if you dodge lightning 200 times, the Venus Sigil, is required to power-up Lulu's legendary weapon so make sure to get it!