FFX - Sidequests - Chocobo Trainer

In the Calm Lands speak to the lady riding the chocobo. If you agree to help her train chocobos she will tell you how. There are four exercises that you need to complete properly and beat or tie the time limit set by the trainer. If you do you'll win a prize.

Wobbly Chocobo

This race uses a wild chocobo that refuses to run straight to the finish line. You have to reach the finish line in less than 12.8 seconds. If you're successful you can ride a chocobo around the Calm Lands for free just by asking the trainer.

Dodger Chocobo

This time the chocobo is easier to steer but you must dodge incoming blitzballs. If you get hit the chocobo get stunned for a moment taking precious seconds off your time.

Hyper Dodger Chocobo

This is almost the same as the last one except you have to dodge blitzballs AND birds. The best tactic is to dodge the birds at the last second so they don't have enough time to change their course and follow you.

Catcher Chocobo

In this exercise you have to race the chocobo trainer from the entrance of the Calm Lands to the northeast exit. As before birds will try to strike you. Each bird that you hit will add three seconds to your final time. There are also balloons scattered all around the race area. Each balloon you pick up subtracts three seconds from your final time. If you win the race against the trainer allows Tidus to reach his legendary weapon in the north part of the Clam Lands. But if you successfully beat the trainer and get a time of 0:0:0 after the balloon/bird adjustments you will receive the Sun Sigil, an item required to activate Tidus' legendary weapon.