FFX - Aeons - Magus Sisters

Obtained From
Remiem Temple
Delta Attack - Non-elemental damage. All three sisters' overdrive gauges must be full to use.
Exceed Damage Limit
Exceed damage limit automatically.

Special Attack: Camisade

Special Attack: Passado

Special Attack: Razzia

Obtaining the Magus Sisters

Once you have all the other aeons, you can get the Magus Sisters. Head to Remiem Temple, in the Calm Lands. There's a chocobo feather near the entrance to the Calm Lands - examine it while riding a chocobo and you'll move to another area where you can access Remiem Temple. You'll meet Belgemine again, and you'll need to defeat all her aeons up to Bahamut. You'll recieve the Flower Scepter. Next you'll need to capture one each of the fiends from the Calm Lands and Mt. Gagazet. Go to the monster trainer, and he'll give you the Blossom Crown. Now you can go through the door at the back to recieve the Magus Sisters.

Summoning the Magus Sisters

When you summon the Magus Sisters, you get several different commands:

Do as you will. Let the sister decide what to do.
Fight! Use a physical or special attack.
Help each other! Cast supportive magic.
Go, go! Use magic or skills.
Offense! Attack or use magic.
Defense! Use defensive skills.
What happened to you? Cast Drain.
Combine powers! Use Overdrive attack. Only available when all three sisters' overdrive gauges are full.