FFX - Aeons - Anima

Obtained From
Baaj Temple
Special Attack
Pain - High chance of instant death.
Oblivion - Non-elemental damage.
Initial Abilities
Fire 4 MP Thunder 4 MP
Water 4 MP Blizzard 4 MP
Fira 8 MP Thundara 8 MP
Watera 8 MP Blizzara 8 MP
Firaga 16 MP Thundaga 16 MP
Waterga 16 MP Blizzaga 16 MP
Bio 10 MP Death 20 MP
Sleep Attack 5 MP Silence Attack 5 MP
Dark Attack 5 MP Sleep Buster 10 MP
Silence Buster 20 MP Dark Buster 10 MP
Zombie Attack 10 MP
Exceed Damage Limit
Automatically exceeds damage limit.

Obtaining Anima

Once you have the airship and have revisited the Highbridge, you can get Anima. Make sure you have all the Destruction Sphere treasures from all the temples before starting this sidequest. You can revisit all the temples except Bevelle, but since you can't leave Bevelle Temple without getting the treasure, this doesn't matter. On the airship, pick the "Search" option and enter the coordinates:

     X: 11 to 16
     Y: 57 to 63
     Z: doesn't matter

Now you can visit Baaj Temple. Once you're there, you should head straight and dive into the water. Since this is an underwater fight, you'll be using Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. You should equip them with armor that protects against petrification. Now you have to fight Geosgaeno - remember him? Once the battle's over, continue underwater to the temple. Follow the path to the main area, and walk near the statues to activate them. There's one statue for each Destruction Sphere, so if one doesn't light, you didn't get the treasure at that temple and you need to go back and get it. Once all the statues are activated, leave and go back to the Zanarkand Dome Cloister of Trials, where there is a new puzzle waiting for you. Activate three white squares in the first room and four in the next. Get the Destruction Sphere and insert it into either of the recesses in the second area. Get the treasure and go back to Baaj Temple, where you can now go through the seal and recieve Anima.