FFVIII - Walkthrough - 2.6 Touring the World

Now you've got a form of transport that you can use, it's high time you did some exploring and branch out to gain a few useful items...

The first port of call would have to be the continent of Galbadia and Galbadia Garden... except, when you reach the location where it was situated before the missile launch, you will notice that it isn't there! Where could it be..? Anyway, there's a hidden Draw Point right in the middle of the crator that remains, so draw some magic from that.

Now make the short journey to Dollet, on the east coast.

Dollet: A Busy Town

Items 3x Potion, 2x Phoenix Down, Soft, Occult Fan II, Antidote, 5x Geezard's Card, 4x Red Bat's Card, 3x Buel's Card, 2x Anacondaur's Card, Cactuar's Card, Siren's Card
Magic Silence - found near the fountain in the Town Square
Save Points Dollet Hotel- in the front hall

Note: You can't dock Garden at Dollet - you can only enter through the road that leads into the rear of the town.

Upon entering Dollet, you will come across a 'Rent-a-Car' garage where you can rent an brown old classic for 3,500 gil.

screenshot Continue walking right on the road, which continues on the next screen alongside Dollet's harbor (screenshot to the right). Walk through this area to the left and you'll find yourself at the place where Squall and company landed during the 'Dollet Mission' on Disc 1. Continue walking through here to the main street of Dollet on the next screen.

Explore all the buildings for useful shops (Items and Weapon Upgrading), and continue up to the fountain area. From here, you can't reach the Radio Tower as it is blocked by a guard (as if that ever stopped anybody!). You might want to gain some interesting Timber Magazines:

Dollet Casino: On the table to the south-west. The man at the entrance is a card player (the 'Master').
Dollet Hotel: Enter the hotel and pay 100 gil and then check the table for a magazine. The attendant outside the room is also a card player.

Use the hotel for some sleep and save your game and set out for Timber to the south.

Timber: Some Easy Money

Once you're at Rinoa's hometown, there is a little quest to be done. First of all, make your way to the foot-bridge that goes over the train tracks and you'll find a girl. Approach her and the screen will go white... You'll awake in Timber Hotel (make sure that you already got the Timber Magazine from there). Now go to the house found in that area and examine the furnace 3 times (picking option 1 every time) and you gain 500 gil!

After that bit of money-making, head for WinHill.

Winhill: As Quiet as Ever

A few notible things have changed here since Laguna's scenario at the start of Disc 2; the winding mud-path has now been concreted over, the truck is nowhere to be seen, there are no longer any monsters and you can now enter the hotel. Other than that, the village is still as tranquil as ever.

Make your way to the junction with a 'CAUTION' road sign and a Chocobo theme will play in the background - there's a baby Chocobo running from left to right, like a... headless chicken! Press Circle when you've approached it, and it will release an item (a fragment). Press Circle again, and the little fellow will release Gysahl Greens (use this item in battle, and you will summon Ko-Chocobo!). Press Cirlce near him again and you will get a Phoenix Down.

Head back to Winhill's main square and enter the large house. Inside the house, examine the bronze statue to the left which will fall to the ground. A baby Chocobo was in there, who will leave an item for you (another fragment).

More on the 'Fragments' in September... But in the meantime, make your way to the Shumi Village - the northern most location on the map, on the continent of Trabia (Click here for the World Map).

Shumi Village: Gaining Phoenix

Items Phoenix Pinion
Magic Ultima - at the entrance, need to pay 5000 gil
Firaga - at the area where you find the statue
Blizzaga - at the area where you find the gigantic tree
GFs Phoenix
Save Points Hotel

Once you have located the village, enter and you will find 3 Shumi townsfolk; if you want to draw Ultima from the Draw Point they are guarding, you're going to have to pay 5,000 gil. Whether you paid up or not, use the elevator to enter the main village.

Once you're there, you can explore as much as you like. Notice this is the home of the Moomba's that helped in the Desert Prison - one is blocking a door and the path leading to a Draw Point. Keep on walking left, until you reach a pond with a frog, and enter the house on the extreme left.

In the house, there are two Shumi villagers. Make your way to the far end of the house and you will reach a statue of Laguna! Talk a bit and you will be asked to find the 'five stones' (which you need to be able to gain the Phoenix Pinion).

Now head for the village's Head House (there is a Moomba outside the door) to talk to the village leader. The rest of your party members will move away. Now head back to the house with the statue of Laguna, picking the 2nd option so the man will ask you to find the five stones (Blue, Wind, Life, Shadow and Water).

Stone Locations
This is quite simple: examine the area which is circled below in each screenshot and if you have the correct spot, you will have the stone! After you have found one, report to the man near the statue.

Blue Stone
Blue Stone
In the room with Laguna's statue on the back wall. Examine the huge blue coloured rock.
Wind Stone
Wind Stone
Go to the first screen of the village (the screen where you find the Hotel of Shumi Village). Search around and you will find the Wind Stone.
Life Stone
Life Stone
Go to the second screen where you find the village chief's house. Go to the middle of the tree and examine it. If done correctly, Squall will climb up and get the stone.
Shadow Stone
Shadow Stone
Back to first screen where you find the Draw Point (Ultima). Go to the right side and search behind the pillar that casts a shadow.
Water Stone
Water Stone
In Tsukurit's House, search by the sink and you will find the last stone. Tsukurit's House is just beside the the building where you find the statue of Laguna.

Note: There is a fake Water Stone - when you are asked to find the Water Stone, search around the pond (with the frog) and you will receive a fake stone!

Hand the last stone to the man and he will tell you to go to the village chief's house, where you will have a short sequence ending up with the assistant giving you the Phoenix {inion! Note that Phoenix isn't a Guardian Force, instead you can only summon it through your Item Command)

Once you have finished in Shumi Village, make your way to the Centra Ruins (click here for the world map).

Centra Ruins: Gaining Odin

Items 8x G-Mega-Potions or Luck-J Scroll
Magic Drain - near the pillar found in the main compound
Aero - need to climb up the right ladder found near Power Source
Pain - external right hand corner where you find the statue
GFs Odin
Save Points

Centra Ruins
Tonberry: Death
Forbidden: Zombie, [Pain], Silence, Break
Blobra: Shell, Protect, [Dispel], {Reflect}
Buel: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, {Death}
Bomb: Fire, [Fira], {Firaga}, {Meltdown}

Note: You can also gain Odin on Disc 3, but it is advisable to go about it now.

Once you're at the Centra Ruins, you will notice a timer has started: this is the amount of time you have to defeat and acquire Odin. It's advisable to have Diablo's Enc None ability equipped to prevent you from running into any random battles. Otherwise, watch out for those Tonberries!

screenshot Walk up the first set of stairs to a large square. Go up the stairs again and you will be able to make your way into a chamber. Examine the large block and it will turn out to be an elevator which will take you up a level (screenshot to the left).

On this level, there are two ladders: the right one leads to a Draw Point, while the left one is the one you need. Once you've climbed up, examine the blue orb (with the circle) and climb down again. Now examine the blue orb that's on the panel to reveal a stairway. Walk up the stairway until you reach a statue of a monster. Use the ladder to the left to examine the statue, and you will be able to take the eye ruby. Climb back down the ladder.

Use the stairs again to continue walking up until you reach another statue. Climb up the ladder and place the eye ruby you got from the previous statue in this one to find a passcode (it's random, so don't forget to make a note). Now remove both eyes and make your way back to the first statue, back down the stairs. Once you have reached it, place the two eyes on the statue to light a torch to the right so you can enter your passcode. Use left or right to scroll throught the digits and press Down to proceed to the next number.

Once you have entered the correct passcode, Odin's chamber will be revealed...

Odin (Guardian Force)
LV 23 HP 7,900 Mug Luck-J Scroll AP 20
Draw Win
Stop, Death, Double, Triple 8x G-Mega Potion
Weaknesses & Immunities Attacks
Odin does NOT attack, so just keep on attacking with the best you've got. Be wary of the time limit.

Use your G.Fs and Magic to dish out damage (cast Triple on your characters and use your most damaging spells).

When you've defeated him, you will have gained Odin! Note that he isn't summonable, and only shows in about 1 in 10 battles to instantly kill any foe.

Now for some Chocobo riding!

Chocobo Riding

Although they don't play as bigger part as they did in Final Fantasy VII, Chocobo's are back and you can ride them while listening the their amazing theme!

First of all, you need to find a Chocobo Forest, which are clearly labelled on the World Map. They are rounded forests, in the shape of a small hill, and you can enter them on foot by running into them.

screenshot Inside the forest, you will meet a man who you can talk to and he will explain how to catch a Chocobo. After he has spoken, examine any area with the square button until a message box appears, where you should pick the third option so the man summons a Chocobo (it'll cost you 1,200 gil). Now talk to the Chocobo and you will be back on the world map:

D-PAD Moves the Chocobo forward etc.
Circle Unboard from Chocobo. NOTE: the Chocobo will run away when you unboard it.
Select World Map (Spot View, Small World Map, Main World Map)

There are a total of 7 Chocobo Forests on the World Map:

1) Behind the mountain that surrounds Trabia Garden
2) Trabia Area (western side of the continent).
3) Next to the Shumi Village.
4) South of Shumi Village (on the Trabia Continent).
5) To the north of the Centra Ruins.
6) Near Edea's House.
7) South-west from Cactuar Island.

Now you've done your exploring of the world, it's time to head back to Balamb...

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