FFVIII - Walkthrough - 2.3 Infiltrating the Missile Base

Items 5x Potions, Weapons Mon Jun
Magic Full-Life - missile loading room, near the O3 missile shell
Blind - near the area surround with steam and gases
Blizzara - at the circuit room
Save Points Entrance of the G-Missile Base
Near the corridor area
Monsters Galbadia - Dingo Desert
Abyss Worm - Aero*
Fatitscalon - Blizzara*, [Scan-> Water], Sleep [1 AP]
Fatitscalon-F - Blizzara*, [Scan->Water], Sleep [1 AP]

Galbadia - Monterseru Plateau
Blood Soul - [Silence], [Sleep], Zombie, Float
Behelmel - Thundara*, (Berserk -> Confuse)
Thrustaveis - Blizzara*, [Scan -> Aero], {Tornado}, Float
Additions: Deling City Section and Galbadia Garden Section

Missile Base
G-Soldier -Fira*, Blizzara*, Thundara*, Cura*
Wendigo - Berserk, [Protect]
Geezard - Thunder, Cure, [Thundara], Cura
Blood Soul - [Silence], [Sleep], Zombie, Float
Behelmel - Thunder*, {Berserk-> Confuse}
SAM08G - Shell, Protect, Reflect, Life
Base Soldier - Blizzara, Silence, Confuse (Boss)
Base Leader - Thundara, Confuse, Slow, Reflect (Boss)
BGH251F2 ("Iron Clad") - Shell, Protect, Stop (Boss)

The action switches back to Squall and company, so head down through the lower end of the circular fence, exiting the area to keep on walking left towards the controls of the train. Board the train, and remember to try and avoid being spotted.

The action now moves to Selphie and her company. Press Circle to exit and save your game. Make your way to the Missile Base that's located at the other side of the desert (Click here for the world map). Note that the Galbadia truck you're in has limited fuel, so try not to wonder to far off track. When you reach the base, enter with the truck by driving into it - this way you will all be disguised as Galbadia soldiers. Now head left and you will be in a small room where there is a Save Point. When you have saved your game, examine the blue torch light and you will be able to open the door.

Inside you will see a Galbadian soldier guarding the door, which leads to the security system. As you enter, you will be given three options; pick any one of them and then hold X. Your party will now be walking in a serious manner, trying to remain un-noticed. Exit from this area and you will be at a junction where there are machines unloading missiles into silos. Proceed and exit from the screen.

In this area you will find:
  1. A guard standing in front of a door - In this room you will find dismantled missile warheads. There is a hidden Magic Stone near the warhead that says "03".
  2. A Save Point to the left - Heading south from here leads to the soldiers looking over a ledge. There's a Magic Stone where steam is being released.
  3. A computer on the right - This will allow you to try and prevent the missiles from hitting Balamb Garden. It is titled "Galbadian Republic Army Dept.", with a map of Galbadia.

Head to the place where you found the two Galbadian soldiers and talk to them. Once you have had a little chat, proceed back to the missile room (where there's a soldier examining the warheads). Once again, return back to the soldiers you just talked to and you will have a little sequence.

Head back to the first area where you find the soldier in front of the security system. Talk to him and enter the room (there's another Magic Stone). Now Selphie will examine the keyboard; choosing option 1 will cause Selphie to smash the keyboard automatically. Choosing option 2 will allow you to smash the keyboard yourself by pressing the Square button. The screen will fade and two Galbadian soldiers will come storming in. After the goings-on with the soldiers, head back to the area where you find the keyboard and you will see a Galbadian soldier calling some of his soldiers to enter the room where the warheads are. You now have the choice of running away, fighting them or continue to attempt your disguise. No matter what you decided to do, just simply go up the stairs and you will have to fight two Galbadian soldiers and a Captain. They have new spells such as Confu, so remember to draw from them.

Selphie's aim is to try and destroy the computer system. Talk to the person on the left and you will be able to move to the room in the next area. In the next area, examine the computers and Selphie will be able to set the self-destruct timer from either 10 or 40 minutes before self-destruct.

After you have chosen a time (I would say 20 minutes is possible, but you're probably best to choose 30) it's time to evacuate! Proceed to the first area where entered the building and the screen will switch to show a injured Galbadian soldier struggling to get to a panel back at the control center. You need to RETURN back to the control center.

When you arrive, you'll see a wounded guard on the ground. Talk to him and he will give you the ID needed to access the computer downstairs, so quickly head back to the computer system and press Circle. You can't stop the launch, but you can screw up the targeting system, so here's how you do it: Enter 'EDEA' as your password, and choose the 'TARGET' menu. In this menu, choose 'SET ERROR RATIO' and hold down 'Right' on the control pad until you reach the maximum status on the bar. Now choose the 'DATA UPLOAD' menu screenshot and select 'YES'. When you've done all that, log-off from the computer and head as fast as you can to the outside compound where you parked.

When you get outside, head towards your truck and you will see a short FMV of the missiles being launched. Keep going and some soldiers will unleash a huge mechanical monster to prevent you from leaving...

LV 12 HP 6,400 Mug AP 4
Draw Win
Shell, Protect, Stop Weapon Mon Jun
Weaknesses & Immunities Attacks
Weak: Thunder, Earth, Ice; No effect: Poison (machinegun attack), Laser Beam
This BOSS is quite tough. Make sure you have G.F. monsters such as the Brothers, Quetzalcoatl and Shiva. Have tons of Bolt Magic especially because of its metal structure. Have two of your characters equipped with the "ITEM" command.

His laser beam attack packs a punch doing about 900+ which will brings low HP characters to their death, so you need a couple of Phoenix Downs. The aim is to destroy all of his chimley-like structures. After the metal beast has been defeated, you fight a Galbadian Captain and 2 Galbadian Soldiers. They are really easy as the sum of their total HP doesn't exceed 1,000 HP!

You will receive a Weapon Upgrading Manual for the forth month, after the battle.

After you've defeated the BOSS, head up and examine the missile launchers by continuosly pressing Circle by them. Your characters will take a closer look at them, which triggers an awesome FMV showing the base being blown up.

NOTE: If you did NOT turn back to the wounded soldier to set the error ratio, you will have an FMV of Balamb Garden being hit by the missiles and it's game over.

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