FFVIII - Walkthrough - 1.8 A Mission in Timber... The Broadcast

Items 4x Potions, Girl Next Door, Timber Maniacs, Buel Card, Tonberry Card, Phoenix Down, Antidote, Soft, Remedy, Tent, 500 gil
Magic Blizzarga - draw point at the printing room
Cure - draw point located on the right side of Pub.
Scan - back alleyway of the Pub
Save Points Timber Hotel - main hall
Timber - back alley of the Pub
Timber - right side of Train station (hidden)
Monsters Timber Town (this sequence only)
G-Soldiers: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, Cure*
Elite Soldiers: Fire*, Thunder*, Blizzard*, <Scan -> Dispel>

Timber: Lanker Plains and Vaulny Canyon
Thrustaveis: Blizzard*, [Aero], {Scan -> Tornado}, Float
Geezard: Thunder*, [Thundara*], Cure*, [Cura*]
Cockatrice: Thunder*, Break (forests)
Wendigo: Berserk, [Protect] (forests)
Anacandour: Fire*, Cure*, [Bio] (forests)
Fungaur: Sleep, Scan, [Berserk], [Confuse]
Fastitcalon: Blizzard*, Sleep, [Water], Scan (shores)

Galbadia: Monterosa Plateau
Geezard: Thunder*, [Thundara*], Cure*, [Cura*]
Behelmel: Thunder*, [Berserk] > {Confuse}
Blood Soul: Blind, Sleep, [Confuse], Zombie

screenshot Once you have reached the station, get off from the train and you will see a cut scene between a Galbadian officer and his sub-ordinates, showing you that they are aware of your presence, so be prepared for battles.

Head up and you can buy some items from the Pet Shop. Pet Shops provide items for your Guardian Forces such as G.F. Potions, G.F. Phoenix Downs etc.

Now head down and exit from the screen. There is a Weapon Shop on the extreme top-left hand corner and the Timber Hotel. Inside the Timber Hotel there is a room that's out of bounds. There is a player (the little girl near the signboard) found here. Exit, and head south to exit from this area.

In this area, you'll find some Galbadian soldiers threatening the Timber guards at the gate. Walk towards the incident and Rinoa will intervene, so you will have to fight them. After the battle they thank you and wish you good luck.

Now return back to the train station, but this time take the path facing right (between the 2 platforms). Now there is a large building that says "Timber Maniacs", enter this building. The room located on the left has a hidden draw point. Head to the room located in the north. Inside the room, there are 3 people. There is an item which you can collected from the deck of documents located to the right. If you talk to the man found to the north, you have a short sequence.

Exit, and the building next to the Maniacs is the house which you will visit later. Head right. Now you will be on a street. Notice there is a girl, walking up to the shelter. Actually that's a staircase that leads to the Pub. There is a card player (girl on the bench). You will meet 2 Galbadian Soldiers and you have to fight them.

There is another Item Shop located on the left of the Pub and a draw point located to the right. Head up and enter the pub after you are done with your shopping. At the Pub, there's a drunken man sitting at the door that's leads to the alley way of the Pub. Talk to the man dressed in a purple suit and choose the following:

1st Question: Treat him a drink to lighten his mood
2nd Question: Tell him about the card
3rd Question: Do nothing

Talk to him and the drunkard will make way for you. Now head into the alley and you will find a Save Point, so save your game. There is another card player, who is sitting on the bench. Now head left. There you will find a huge gate that leads to the TV Station. Head up, force the gate to open and up the winding stairs. Now head up and turn right and you will see a huge screen. There you will have a conversation and pick any option. Squall will quarrel with Rinoa and she will run away.

Selphie/Zell will come and rejoin your party. Now watch the screen and you will have a sequence of the announcer testing the mike, followed by the President. Suddenly, Seifer will jump on and he will try to kill the President. Quistis is also there.

Head left and walk up the path and you find Seifer holding the President hostage. He will then pull the him to a corner. Quistis will come in, trying to stop Seifer from killing the President. A mysterious lady appears, taunting Seifer.... one guess who it is... the Witch Edea. She casts a spell on Seifer, and he leaves with her in a trancelike state, dropping the President.

Squall and his company enter the scene and Rinoa is back as well. Now you have to follow both Quistis and Rinoa.

Make your way to the house next to Timber Maniacs building and you will find Quistis and Rinoa. A short sequence will take place as the group talk about Seifer and the goings on. First of all, talk to Quistis and try to exit; you will be able to reorganise your party. On your way out, the owner will give you a Phoenix Down, Potion, Soft, Antidote and a Remedy.

Outside the house, you will see a Galbadian Soldier. You can ignore the soldier by keep going right. There you will see a man wearing a cap, a member of the resistance, distributing a ticket to each character. Now enter the shelter like building and you will be on the other side of the Train Station. There is a house, which will provide some clues. Now cross over the bridge and head south you will meet Quistis or Rinoa there. Pick the first option to enter the train. The train will now start to move.

Inside the train, talk to everyone leaving Zell until last, picking the first option when you talk to him.

The train now will be back at the World Map. There is a small platform there and you will given two options. Pick the first option to unboard the train.

screenshot Next, head up the road located to the north of the platform. You will read a small forest which is flanked by mountains; this is the only way through the mountains to get to the other side and Galbadia Garden. Enter the forest, and you will have a short sequence. Next Squall, Quistis and Selphie will suddenly fall to the ground... time for a Laguna sequence...

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