FFVIII - Weapons - Rinoa's Weapons

Rinoa Heartily : Boomerang Price Attack Hit% Magazine
Pinwheel 100 0 98 4 (April)
Magic Stone Piece (x3) You will find these with ease at the beginning of the game.
Valkyrie 200 +3 101 5 (May)
Shear Feather (x1) Defeat the large purple birds found on the Galbadia grasslands.
Magic Stone (x1) Win/steal from card level 1-2 monster or use "card change" ability, change the card of "Guraddo", "Bueru" or "Doublehagaa".
Rising Sun 400 +7 103 7 (July)
Saw Blade (x1) Steal or defeat the Beru Heru Meru Heru, found outside Galbadia Garden in the desert area. They sway while in battle, with a mask-blade.
Screw (x8) Steal or win from Geezards outside Deling City.
Cardinal 800 +13 104 8 (August)
Cockatrice Pinion (x1) Defeat a Cockatrice (small peacock which has an electricity attack).
Mesmerize Blade (x1) Defeat the goat-like creatures with large blue-purple horns on the snowfields of Trabia.
Sharp Spike (x1) Steal from the Gurande Aaro (large spider with pointed tail), found in the area around the Centra Ruins and the forests near Edea's house. Alternative Methods: Defeat an Armadillo in the Tomb of the Nameless King or morph the card "Grand Mantis"
Shooting Star 1000 +17 107 (Special)
Windmill (x2) Steal from the purple bird-like structure found on the Galbadia grasslands.
Regen Ring (x1) Defeat or steal from Kuaaru (leopards with long whiskers), found on the snowfield in the Esthar area after getting the Ragnarok.
Force Armlet (x1) The only method known at the moment is to have Tonberry's 'Familiar' ability and Bahamut's 'Rare Item' ability. Make sure you have 'Call Item Shop' as well, so you can use it in the menu, and you should be able to buy a Force Armlet.
Energy Crystal (x2) Defeat the Erunooiru (a dull green Elviole-like structure), found at Esthar City area after getting the Ragnarok (low encounter rate). Be warned: if you steal from it, you get another item.