FFVI - Secrets & Tips - False Rumors

You Cannot Gain General Leo, Siegfried Or Cid

Proof: In the end of the game, each character is viewed as they escape Kefka's Tower, and his/her theme music is played during the cut scene. If you fail to find Umaro and Gogo, their cut scene (and thus, their music) is not played during the end of the game. In the CD soundtrack for Final Fantasy III, "Kefka's Domain", the Ending Theme track includes themes for the twelve characters and no others. If any other characters could join your party, their music would be found at the end of the game. Note also that every character that can join your party has theme music, yet there is no music for Siegfried, Cid, or Leo.

No Hidden Espers

The only Espers in the game are the ones listed in the instruction manual. There are no such things as Magicite for Efleet, Magma, Leviatan, Artemis, or any other. Proof: There are two blank spaces when you have all the espers in the game. One blank space is where Odin was (when you turned him into Raiden), and the other is for de-selecting espers. Therefore, these spaces cannot hold espers at all.

No Bosses In The Veldt

WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS, boss creatures do not appear on the Veldt. A boss creature is any enemy or group of enemies you fight when the cool "Decisive Battle" music is playing. The only known boss enemies to appear on the Veldt are the White Dragon, the Master Pug, Number 024, and the SrBehemoth. Proof: When all Rages are found, there are no blank spaces left for boss monsters.

'Gamma Sword' Does Not Exist!

The Gamma Sword, supposedly found outside of Kefka's Tower in the Airship, does not exist. Proof: Try for yourself; spend hours circling around Kefka's Tower. Try taping the buttons down on the controller and turning the TV off -- come back weeks later, and you still won't have anything.

Not A Ressurector Potion From Jidoor

A man in the Auction House in Jidoor speaks of an item to "bring back wayward spirits, but only in Vector can such an item be found." This is not a ressurector potion! Proof: The man was referring to the Phoenix Magicite, which was owned by Gestahl in the World of Balance. A man in the Colosseum says to "talk to the Emperor twice". In Owzer's House, look at Emperor Gestahl's portrait twice to learn where he hid his treasure.

Cyan's Books: Worthless

There is no special significance to Cyan's books. In the Japanese version of this game, I believe Cyan learns to use Tools with the books. However, this does not work in the American version of the game.

Shadow Not A Female

Shadow is not a female! When you rescue him from the Cave in the Veldt, it seems like it from the dialogue. The explanation for this is that Shadow was not meant to survive the End of the World. He was later programmed in to do so, but they left the dialogue to accommodate both Relm and Shadow.


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