BREAKING: Hiryu and Vamar rock forums with leaving posts

 Mar 08, 2014
It's been an eventful day down at's Ultimate Bulletin Boards, or at least that's where you'd be forgiven for thinking it was. Yes, that old friend, "forum drama" made a completely unpredictable return from a long absence, and by golly was it explosive as two mainstays of the community decided to renounce their lifelong passion for Final Fantasy: World's Apart Message Boards.

It all happened so quickly, and at first had an air of satire. But soon suspicions were confirmed that user "Vamar" meant what he said about leaving after his posts per day ratio hit a nosedive that could be said to be "almost observable".
"I've tried to ignore it for as long as I could, but I give up, you win." he wrote cooly, which initially put everyone at ease until the full horror of what he was proposing came to light.

VAMAR: Whereabouts unknown

But the ride wasn't over. Just as confused members were trying to piece together what was happening to their precious little corner of the internet, a fierce battle erupted between two heavyweights of the 'one line rebuttals' posting world, Paulo and Felix Vanderkill. They began to exchange heavy artillery to the point where we can't even print such language on the front page. And then, only hours after the grieving public was still trying to understand what was happening, and obviously in shock from Vamar's earlier actions, user "Huryi" decided he had had enough. He dropped another bomb (perhaps a more apt word would be nuke) shell as he also declared himself to be "leaving" in an empassioned post in another thread.

"Paulo was the one backing me and frankly I wouldn't have had it any other way, lol.", he said, the laughter doing little to mask the damning content of his words. He also went on to complain about people playing "Pokeman games" and having his "hand bitten". Clearly reeling from the days earlier events and in no fit mental state, it's no surprise that Huryi was unavailable for comment

Backed up: Hiryu

Forum analysts are saying activity is now likely to take a sharp dip, with some even quoting a loss as high as 45%. With user Paulo currently occupying over 25% of the remaining forum activity alone, there are worries this could be it for the forgotten grandfather of the Final Fantasy website scene. Paulo, who earlier "backed" Huryi, had an optimistic tone in spite of the current hostile climate:

"These are sad times. Today we lost 2 friends, noble Hiryu and daring Vamar, whom we hardly knew. Obviously we are all still very upset and we would like to ask for restraint to be shown, both on the boards and in the press. It is a sad day, these are sad times, but FFWA will, it must, go on."

In contrast, user Felix was in bullish mood, seemingly driven by some kind of supernatural evil force that one by one wants to cut out all the activity, and that'll be that. He said:

"We need to clean up the streets. We've been putting it off for too long and the rot has set in.
But I'm starting a task force of volunteers. To start a new dawn. It's a wakeup call. The crash of Hiryubank and the suicide of Henrico Illustrio Vamar IV has shown us how vulnerable we are. Now watch this drive"

As reports continue to come in, rumours are flying around about user Sam being framed for placing a tag that had a ripple effect which ultimately caused today's tragedy. We'll get you more on that as soon as we know more ourselves. This is Paul Adriano Gerald reporting at the scene. Over to you.

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