[The screen fades in on Tidus floating face down in some water. He wakes up, looking around]


[He gets hit in the head by a blitzball. He looks at the shore, where several people are gathered]


"Hey! You okay?"


[Tidus goes under water, hits the ball into the air with his head, and once in the air, does a double-legged bicycle kick. The person on the beach who yelled "Hey! You okay?" narrowly avoids the ball hitting his head.]


[He looks at Tidus, smirks, and smiles. Tidus approaches the group on the beach. Two people turn away from the one who spoke before and leave. The person turns around and his mouth opens in surprise. Him and his posse surround Tidus]

"Yo! Hiya!"

"You wanna try that move one more time?"

"Finally, things were starting to look up."

[A blitzball is thrown into the air. The group steps back. The blitzball bounces off of Tidus' forehead; he then proceeds to bicycle kick it at an incredible speed into the water. Everyone gasps.]

"You're no amateur. Who you play for?"

"The Zanarkand Abes!"

[Everyone gasps and talks amongst each other]

"What team you say again?"

"Uh, I meant... Forget that."
"I got too, uh...close to Sin and my head's all foggy-like."
"So I don't know where this place is. Or even where I came from."

"Sin's toxin got to you."
"But, you're still alive."
"Praise be to Yevon!"

[Everyone does this gesture; right forearm over left forearm, fingers spread out, hands curved in the shape of a circle, and bow. It's the exact same gesture the kids did to Tidus back in Zanarkand at the start of the game. It'll be known henceforth as the "prayer gesture"]

"All right, back to practice!"
"I'm Wakka, coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, brudda."

[Tidus' stomach growls]

"What? You hungry?"
"Okay! Back to the village. I'll get you somethin'!"

"I felt like I could trust this Wakka, so I just had to ask."

"It's true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago?"
"So it's just a big pile of rubble now, isn't it?"

"Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina--machines--to run 'em."
"People played all day and let the machina do the work."
"And then, well, take a look."
"Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities."
"And Zanarkand along with 'em."
"Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said."
"If you ask me, Sin's our punishment for letting things get out of hand."
"What gets me, though..."
"is we gotta suffer, 'cause of what some goofballs did way back when!"
"'Course, we must always repent for our sins! That's important!"
"It's just that, it's hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?"

"It was just as Rikku said."
"Wakka and Rikku couldn't both be lying. Why would they?"

[Wakka laughs]

"But you from the Zanarkand Abes--that was a good one!"
"Hey, I'm not saying that team never existed, ya?"
"But you gotta figure a team living in luxury like that'd be pretty soft, eh?"

"I appreciated the fact that Wakka was trying to cheer me up."
"But at that time, all I could think about was..."
"everything that happened to me--all this--started with Sin."
"Maybe if I could find Sin one more time, I could go home!"
"For now, I'd just live life until that time came. No more worrying about where, or when, I was."
"Sure it was hard not to think of home. But I started to feel better already."
"A little better...maybe."

[Tidus runs onto the next screen]

"Hey! It's this way!"

[Wakka runs; Tidus follows him. He eventually approaches Wakka, as the two of them stand over a ledge. Below the ledge is a large body of water. Tidus looks down at the water, while Wakka stealthily moves behind him]


[Wakka pushes him with one arm. Tidus falls and goes "Waaah", landing with a splash. Wakka, in FMV form, dives into the water after Tidus]

"What's the big idea?"

[The two of them make their way through the water. At one part, Wakka goes up behind Tidus and gets him in a headlock]

"Lemme go!"

"Got a favor to ask ya."

"You want me on your team, right?"

[Wakka lets go; Tidus sinks, then surfaces again]

"A major blitz tournament's coming up. All the teams in Spira'll be there!"
"It's so huge, I'm sure someone there will recognize you!"
"Then you can go back to your old team, right?"
"It'll be fun! What do you say, huh? Come on, come on!"
[Tidus solemnly floats, looking at the guy]

"Sure thing."

[He swims away]

"Dude! Our team is gonna rock, eh?"

[Wakka swims after him]

"I thought then that blitzball and Sin were the only things that Spira and Zanarkand had in common."
"I wasn't too far off, either."

[Tidus, now on solid ground, walks to the edge of a cliff with Wakka. Below the cliff, in the distance, is a village]

"This is where I was born. I started blitz when I was five."
"I joined the Aurochs at thirteen...ten years ago."
"Ten years...and we never won a game."
"Well, after last year's tournament, I quit. Time seemed right."
[Wakka walks off screen. Tidus' stomach growls, and he follows him]
"So, after quitting, I got this new job, ya?"
"But every time my mind wandered, I thought about the game."

"Ten years without a single win'll do that."

"My first match last year was my big chance."
"But something else was on my mind. I couldn't focus."

"Nice excuse."

"Hey, hey!"

"So you want to win the next tournament--go out with a bang."
[Wakka nods]
"So, what's our goal?"

"I don't care how we do. Long as we play our best."
"If we give it our all, I can walk away happy."

"No, no, no, no, no. If I say "What's our goal?" you say "Victory!""
"When you play in a blitzball tournament, you play to win!"

"Victory? You serious?"

[Tidus nods. They make their way to Wakka's town, along the way, the encounter two people; the two who walked away from Wakka when Tidus and Wakka first met.]

"Ah, the one from the sea!"

"Be on guard. There're fiends on the road today!"

"After surviving your run-in with Sin, 'twould be a shame if something happened now."

"Who were they?"

"Luzzu and Gatta--Crusaders."

"Crews of what?"

"What, you forgot that too?"
[Tidus hangs his head]
"Hey, sorry. Don't worry about it, I'll help you out."
[Tidus lifts his head]

"In return, come tournament time, I'll make sure we take the cup!"

"About the Crusaders, you can ask them yourself. They've got a lodge in the village."

[They reach the village, finally]

"Besaid Village."

"They got any food there?"

"We'll get you something over there later. Take a look around first."
"Let's see..."
"The Crusaders lodge is over yonder. Luzzu and Gatta are usually there."
[A shot of the Crusaders lodge, which is a large blue tent, is shown]
"Oh, right."
"Over here!"

"Huh? What's up?"

"You do remember the prayer, right?"

[You get to choose between "I don't remember." or "I don't know any prayers."; for simplicity's sake, let's choose "I don't remember."]

"I didn't know it in the first place, to tell the truth."

"Man, that's like the basics of the basics. Alright, I'll show you."
[He does the prayer; the hand gestrues that him and his Aurochs did to Tidus on the beach when they first met]
"Go ahead, you try."
[Tidus does it]
"Hey, not bad."
"Okay, now go present yourself to the temple summoner."

"Any blitzball player would know that prayer. It was the blitzball sign for victory."

[Tidus goes to the temple. Several people are inside, praying to statues. Tidus looks around]

"It was then, standing in that place."
"I began to realize how different this world was from my own."

[Tidus approach a statue of a man, clad in a robe and holding a staff. A man approaches Tidus]

"Ten years have passed since Lord Braska became high summoner."
"And finally we received a statue for our temple."

"What's a high summoner?"
[Everyone gasps]
"I...I got too close to Sin's, uh, toxin."

"It was funny hearing myself make the same excuse over and over. Funny, and a little sad."

"The summoners are practitioners of a sacred art, sworn to protect the people of Yevon."
"Only a chosen few become summoners, who call forth entities of great power: the aeons."
"The aeons hear our prayers and come down to us. They are the blessing of Yevon."

"So what he meant..."
"was that we should respect some kinda great man or something like that...I figured."

[Tidus returns to Wakka's hut]

"Sorry, man. No time for lunch yet."
"Take a nap! You look bushed."

[Tidus sleeps. The man from the temple who spoke to Tidus enters the hut. Wakka stands up.]

"You could at least go see how they are doing."

"We can't interfere. It's a rule."

"But, it's been nearly..."

[They both walk out of the hut; the screen goes white. Tidus has a dream/flashback; several people are gathered around on a dock, in front of a boat, in Zanarkand. They seem to be talking to a young woman]

"But, it's been nearly..."

"It's been nearly a day already."

"Perhaps you could go look for us."

"People are searching for him now."

[A man walks away, leaving the woman alone]

"Thank you."

[She clasps her hands, as if in prayer. Scene changes to a young Tidus and the woman, who is, in fact, his mother]

"Who cares whether he comes back or not?"

"But he might die!"

"Fine, let him!"

"Do you..."
"Do you hate him so?"
[The young Tidus nods]
"If he dies, you'll never be able to tell him how much you hate him."

[Tidus wakes up in the hut, all alone]


[Tidus returns to the temple. Wakka and the man from earlier are there]

"Is something wrong?"

"The summoner hasn't returned from the trial."


"Well, apprentice summoner, really..."


"There's a room in there called the Cloister of Trials. Beyond is where the apprentice summoner prays."
"If the prayer is heard, the apprentice becomes a fully-fledged summoner, remember?"

"So someone is in there somewhere and they haven't come back out. Right, I got it."

"A day's already gone by."

"Is it particularly dangerous in there?"

"Sometimes, yes."

"Why don't you go in and help?"

"There's already guardians in there. Besides, it's forbidden."

[Tidus runs partway up the staircase that leads to the door to the Cloister of Trials]

"Hey, but what if somethin' happens? What if the summoner dies!?"

"The precepts must be obeyed!"

"Like I care!"

[Tidus runs up the rest of the stairs and enters the door. The people in the temple gasp]

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

[Tidus makes his way through the Cloister of Trials. Wakka eventually meets up with him]

"What's gotten into you?"
"Hey, it's okay."
"Only summoners, apprentice summoners, and their guardians can enter here."
"It's a tradition. Very important."

"So what about you?"

"Me? I'm a guardian."

"A guardian?"

[Standing on a stone platform elevator of sorts, they begin moving downwards]

"Summoners go on a pilgrimage to pray at every temple in Spira."
"Guardians protect them."
"The guardians in there now..."
"One of them's got a short fuse, and who knows what the other's thinking."
"Well, now that we've come this far..."
"might as well go all the way!"

[They walk into a room. There are two other people there: one, a woman dressed in black; the other, a tall blue beast. The woman is the only one of the two who speaks]

"What are you doing here? Didn't think we'd be able to handle it?"

"No, it's uh...it's just..."
[Turns to Tidus]
"See, I told you she gets mad easy."

"Is the summoner all right?"

"Who are you?"

[Tidus, Wakka, the girl and the beast stand in front of a large doorway. It opens up, and the apprentice summoner wanders out. FMV: she begins to tumble. Everyone gasps. The beast races forward and catches her, while growling. The apprentice summoner fixes her hair and stands up straight]

"I've done it. I have become a summoner!"

[Scene change; back in the first room of the temple, several people surround the summoner and her guardians]

"Man, was I surprised."
And here I was thinking summoners were all old geezers."

[Tidus runs out of the temple]

"Hey, over here!"

[Wakka takes hold of Tidus and drags him towards a circle that the summoner and her female guardian are standing in. They join a group of people standing around the circle. The guardian steps out of the circle and joins them]

"What? Ow!"

"Wait till you see this!"

"I can't see anything!"



[The summoner performs a series of motions and gestures. The aeon is summoned; a large multi-coloured bird-like creature. It descends; the summoner strokes its neck. Everyone is pleased. Wakka and the female guardian enter the circle to congratulate the summoner]

"I had never seen anything like it in my life."
"Sure, it was a little scary, but still..."
"I could feel a strange kind of gentleness coming from it."

[You get to name the summon. Default name: Valefor]

"I remember..."
"That night, we talked for the first time."
"I didn't know it then, but after that night, everything changed."
"For everyone... For me..."

[Scene change; it's nighttime. Tidus and Wakka are standing in front of the rest of the Besaid Aurochs]

"Let me introduce you to the team."
"This guy here wants into the tournament so bad, I let him on the team."
"His memory's a little fuzzy, so don't mind him if he says anything odd!"
"Come on, say hi."

[Tidus steps forward, and scratches the back of his head. All is silent for a few moments]

"Uh... Hi, guys."
"So, what's our goal?"

"To do our best!"

"Nope, we got a new goal now!"
"Our new goal...is victory!"
"To win every match, defeat every opposing team!"
"To bring the Crystal Cup back to our island!"
"That's all we need to do to win! Easy, ya?"


[The Aurochs repeatedly say, and eventually yell, "Victory" over and over. Tidus looks over at the summoner, who's sitting down talking with a few of the townspeople]

"Victory! Victory! Victory!"

[Tidus walks over to the summoner. Three people; an old man, and old woman, and a kid, each have pleasant things to say to Tidus in succession]

"You heathen!"

"Stay away from the summoner!"

"You're a bad man!"

[The summoner stands up]

"Lady Yuna! Be careful!"

[The summoner replies]

"But it was really my fault to begin with."

[She walks over to Tidus]

"I'm Yuna."

"Thank you so much for your help earlier."

"I'm sorry about that."
"Wasn't that... Wasn't I not supposed to... Guess I...kind of overreacted."

"Oh, no. I was...overconfident."

"Um, I saw that aeon thing. That's amazing!"

"Do you think I can become high summoner?"
[Tidus nods. A kid approaches]

"Lady Yuna, come play with me some more!"

[Yuna nods, and turns back to face Tidus]

"So, tomorrow, then."


"We're going on the same boat, aren't we?"

"Oh, really?"

"We can talk more."
"You can tell me all about Zanarkand!"

[Yuna walks away. Wakka walks beside Tidus and gives him a light friendly elbow in the arm]

"She's cute, ya?"

[Pick between "Yeah!" and "She's not my type."; let's pick "Yeah!" because, hey, Yuna's a fox]

"Don't get no ideas."

"No promises there, big guy."
"Hey, but what if she, like, comes on to me?"

"That's not going to happen."
"If you get tired, let me know. I had a bed made for you."

[Scene change; Tidus approaches Wakka]

"Hm? Ready for bed?"
[Pick between "Yeah." And "Not quite yet."; we're picking "Yeah."]
"Good. Sleep tight."

[Scene changes; it's nighttime. Tidus has a dream. He's sitting on a dock, staring out at the sea. He stands up and runs across the pier, meeting Yuna, who's also standing there, looking out to sea]

"Where's that boat?"

"Everyone will find us if it doesn't come soon."

"You really sure this is okay?"

"Would you take me to Zanarkand?"

[Rikku runs on screen]
"You said you'd go with me!"

"Oh, hey... I, uh..."

"I thought Wakka told you not to get any ideas?"

"He did?"

"Yeah, so you're coming with me!"

"Hey! Stop dreaming!"

[Scene change: Jecht is standing on a beach]

"You with a woman? You can't even catch a ball!"

[Scene change: a young Tidus is sitting on the pier, face-down, crying]

"Oh, what's the matter?"

[Scene change: Jecht standing on the beach, with Yuna and Rikku standing beside him]

"Gonna cry again? Cry, cry. That's the only thing you're good for!"

"I hate you."

"Huh? What'd you say?"

[Scene change: young Tidus standing up on the pier, looking downwards]

"You have to speak loudly."

[Tidus looks up]

"I hate you!"

[Scene change: back to Jecht]


"That's the spirit!"

"You can do it!"

[Screen goes white; Tidus wakes up]

"I hate you!"

"He's dead, okay? Dead!"

[Tidus walks to the doorway and looks outside. The female guardian is speaking to Wakka]

"He does look a lot like Chappu. I was surprised, too, the first time I saw him."
"But no matter what he looks like, he isn't Chappu.

"You shouldn't have brought him here in the first place!"

"Yeah, but...he needed our help!"

"Excuses again?"

"Yeah, but..."

"That's it. No more. Enough, Wakka!"

[Lulu walks away. Wakka signs and returns to the tent Tidus is in]

"So, who's Chappu?"

"My little brother, Chappu. He looked like you."

"He's dead?"

"He was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn't make it."
"I first heard on the day of the tournament."

"Oh, so that's why."

"I became a guardian to fight Sin, ya?"

"Revenge, then?"

"That was the idea."
"I'm more worried about a stupid game now than avenging my brother."
"Well, after the next tournament, I'll be a guardian full-time."
"I know it kinda looks like I'm using you, but I'm not."

"Don't worry. I mean, I owe you a lot."
"You really helped me out, you know?"
"What I mean is... thanks, Wakka."

[Tidus extends his hand for a handshake. Wakka lifts his hand, but pulls away]

"Stop, you're embarrassing me!"

[Screen fades to black; resumes in the morning. Tidus exits the hut. Lulu and Wakka are talking; Tidus runs up to them]

"Hey! Sleepyhead!"
"Something I want to give you."

[Wakka hands Tidus a sword that is crystal blue]

"Whoa! You're giving this...to me?"

"Yeah, use it well!"

"That's the sword you gave Chappu."

"Well, he never used it."
"Where's Yuna?"

"We're taking the same boat as Yuna, right? Why do we gotta wait here?"

"Yuna came to this village ten years ago, when the last Calm started."

"The Calm?"

"Since then, she's been like a little sister to me and Lulu."
"But she had the talent... She became an apprentice."
"Now, today, she leaves as a summoner."

"This is our journey... We should leave together."

[Yuna exits the temple with several suitcases]

"You really don't need all that luggage."

"They're not really my things. They're gifts for the temples we're to visit."

"This isn't a vacation, Yuna."

"I guess...I guess you're right."

[She leaves the luggage behind and approaches the trio]

"Okay! Off we go!"

[Yuna takes one last look at the temple, and walks off. The four of them leave Besaid and make their way to the harbour]

[Along the way, a couple of random battles occur, with script which indicates what the characters are best suited to attack. Tidus: beasts, Wakka: flying enemies, Lulu: those weak to magic, and how to switch members and summon aeons]

[They get to the cliff overlooking Besaid that Wakka and Tidus were at earlier. Lulu and Yuna look at the village]

"Take your time."

"Let's get going, man!"

"We're gonna wait."
[Tidus goes "Huh?". Yuna walks in between them]
"Are you ready?"

[Yuna nods and walks off. Lulu follows, nods to Wakka, and follows Yuna]

"What's going on?"

[Tidus approaches Wakka, who's praying to a stone statue]

"It's an ancient custom. People leaving the island pray here for a safe trip."
"Chappu didn't pray that day. Said he'd miss his boat."

[You can choose between "Pray" or "Just watch"; it really doesn't make a difference. Wakka stops praying and stands up after a few moments]

"That should do it!"

[The group continues along the path of Besaid Island. FMV: Yuna's beastly guardian jumps down from several structures, landing in front of Tidus. He smashes his two fists into the ground and lets loose an incredible growl. A battle begins between the two of them. Once the battle is over...]

"That's enough!"

[Wakka walks towards Tidus. The beast walks away, and off-screen]

"What's with that guy?"

"Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso tribe. He's learned the fiends' way of fighting."

"That's not what I meant!"

"He's another of Yuna's guardians."

[Tidus goes "huh?". Yuna giggles and walks on-screen]

"Sometimes we don't understand him either. Kimahri doesn't talk much anyway."
[Wakka says an exclamatory "hmm"]
"But he has protected me since I was a child!"
[Tidus says an inquisitive "hmm"]

[They make their way to the beach; more specifically, the harbour, to where the boat is. As the boat leaves, Yuna watches the dock, where people are gathered, sad to see that she's going. They wave and cry; she does a couple of prayer gestures]


[The boat leaves, and heads for Kilika Port]