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Default Final Fantasy XIII~ 0.2

Hi, everyone, this is my first time writing a Fan Fic for Fanal Fantasy, so I might not be good...

Read below the line for some background info...


Setting- This story takes place 1 year after the final battle, all the charicters are together, and new ones have entered.. The World is finally at peace... for now.....


Squall LeonHeart= After the finall battle with Ultimecia Squall retured to Garden, and has been conciderd a hero of the world as all of the outher members of his 'team'. But Squall is praised most, which leads to jelousy from someone he though was a freind. Squall is no longer commender of Garden, as the posision was given up, and everything retured as normal functioning. Squall has become an elit SeeD member, he dosn't go on many mission, as he is above most missions, he ucompanys the students at the feild exam.

Zell Dincht= He has becom an Instructer. He recently won the new 'instructer of the year' award. He has calmed down, although he teaches his students the art of un armed combat. He has strayed from any use of GFs.

Selphie Tilmit= She is the head of the Garden Commity. She has married Irvin Kennies.

Cereel Dincht= Zell's brother. His younger brother his 'biological' brother. Cereel has been searchign for Zell ever seince he ran away from the orphanage that they were all in. His close combat is not good, but he is a master of GFs which sometimes leads to arguments with his older brother, the arguments are harmless.

Irvin Kinnies= He has merried Selphie. After the final battle he returned to Galbadian Garden (Which was re-buildt) and became a member of SeeD, acculy, on the Galbadian Garden feild exam, he defied orders and went running off the help a little girl he heard screaming, while he was there he was About 5 men with guns about to murder 7 defenslace men. He was able to take out his gun, and pick them off, it turned out the men were terrorists planing to destroy Garden, he was praised as a hero, and has proven to be arguably the top SeeD in the WORLD.

Quistis Trepe= She did not want to become an instructer again, so she became Assistant HeadMaster.

Rinoa Heartilly= She has been engaged to Squall for aroud 3 mounths there wedding will take place in 4 mounths. Outher then that, she has become an Instructer, and has used her sorceress powers to defend Garden.

Edea Kramer= She has coem back to Garden, and took over has Nurse, useing her spectacular healign abilitys she has been oferd a job as an international surgan, but choces to stay loyal to Garden.

Cid Kramer= Nothing has changed with him.

Omega Wepon= Yes, he was destroyed by the party, but there have been many sigtings of supposed ofsprings of his...

Laguna Lorie= He has seince becom the president of Galbadia, and has yet to been proven as Squall's father.

Kiros Seagill= He has become the general of the Esthar Army.

Ward= He has died of unknown causes.

Ellone= Has become the leader fo the White SeeDs

Zone= Continuse resistance in Tribia.

Watts= same as Zone.

Seifer Almsly= Has Started a Garden in Cetra. It started out bad, but it has recently been voted as the most Promising new. He is useing his skills to help Cetra from invading Tribia.


All write the first chapter later
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Default Chapter One "Welcome"

The Balamb Garden. It is a hot mid-day. A refreshing breez flys by. The brings beams of sun shine off the detailedly designed side of Balamb Garden. It is 1300 Hours by Garden Time, 1:00PM by commen time. It is a 30 minut between-class break for the Students to do as they please as long as it is on Garden ground. There is a boy walking along. He is in the front gate of the Garden. He sees people walking around. He waves his head as to look for someone... he finaly sees something, he jogs over to that person.
"Ricc?" The boy sutters out...
The outher child turns to this boy...
"Wave, where were you?" The boy replise.
We now have a name. The boy's name is Wave. He has ruffled brown hair, and seems to be in the 5'1" area. He looks to be 13, thin. He is dressed in the Garden uniform. It has not changed. It is a semi-loss fitting pair of Blue Paints, a ducked in White sleev'less shirt with a blue un buttend coat over it...
"The Diciplinary commity stoped me for running in the halls." Wave answers,
"Them guys? You have to wonder who would even offer to take that job."
"They must just like being asses, who really cares?"
Wave and Ricc turns. Finaly, you can get a good look at Ricc. He is a dark colored boy, seems to be older 13 to 14. He has short black hair. He is around 5'6". Ricc and Wave walk to a bench where they sit down...
"What class do you have next?" Ricc askes...
"I thike it is..." Wave pulls out a peice of paper with the schedual on it... "CLose combat."
"Wave, dosn't Instructer Dincht teach that?"
Wave turns his head... "Yhea... I remember him from when I was a junior classmen. Allways being late for hotdogs. He seemed like soem hyper guy. He was allways screaming abotu something, either he missed the hotdogs or was called a chicken-wuss. it was allways something..."
"Yhea, but didn;t he save the world?" Ricc askes.
"Not only him. That SeeD Squall did, Assistent Heasmatster Trepe, Taht Tilmit girl who runs the Garden Festivle, and Irivin..

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Default Continued

Ricc turned his head at that... "Irvin Kennies?"
"Yhea, haven't you ever heard of him, he is considerd the top SeeD in the World..."
The bell rings, and everyone gets up to go to there enxt class. Wave gets all his stuff together...
"See ya' Ricc." Wave shouted as he walked away...


Inside the halls of somewhere, something. The halls are wided, and are painted Red and Gold. The floor is a marbel green. A fewboy walk down the hall weiring the same uniform. Black pants. A butten coast that is Half Black, Half Red with Gold stiching striped horizontily across it. In a few moments the hall clears out. A figure with a Grey trench coat come into view, he turns around and you see the face he has a scar running between his eyes, this man is Seifer Almly.. Beside his is a man in a suit...
"Mr. Almsly, they have agreed to you'r terms." The suited man told him...
"Good, perhaps by ending the only remaining war, I can be rememberd as a hero, not a murderer..."


Irvin Kinnies is walking down the halls of galbadian Garden, it looks almost identical to the old Garden. He walks up a flight of stairs, and into a room, and meets Galbadian Garden Headmaster Martine.
"Ready for breifing, sir." Irvin stated.
Headmaster Martine walks over to his desk...
"Irvin, this is no normall mission..." Martian said "It may come down to you, and only you as the man to end this war, and bring peace to the world... You will be working with Cretra president, Rezno Valerance. Balamb Garden will be working with you."
Irvin's eyes lit up "Balamb? After about a year this will be mu chanch to see Selphie, Quistis, Rinoa and those outher people. I've writen, but this will be the first time I've seen the in person for a long time. Balamb allways askes me to help on there missions..."
"Well this one is importain, Kennies... and if the top SeeD in the World Chan't do it then I'll be damned if this dosn't creat a world war...."

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ok my turn,

your chapters are way too short .

Use MSWord to correct your spelling mistakes, I found many, but, i leave the fun of finding them to you.

Use the enter key after some speaks, try double spacing after someone speaks also.

hmm, another FF8 fan fic, ok then lets see the rest.

If you want to contiune a chapter later, edit it into your post.

ps. check out Final Fantasy, a new Beginning.
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Whys this fic called Final Fantasy XIII (plsu 2 people have used this title already Myself and Esper although mine was in a different context.)

I agreed about your chapters being two short you should consider adding several pieces together before you post.

Plus I know you're new - I mean so am I a little - but you need to work on spelling a lot.

And it's Irvine Kinneas not Irvin Kennies or is that on purpose?
Nyphous De Gorsair TM and copyright © 1998-2005. All rights reserved. This is a trademark of Eagle books.
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heres a tip you should'nt write two fics at a time you get tangled up
Is this the real world???
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