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Sly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhereSly is a shining example to nerds everywhere

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  1. Spruce Mouthman
    28 Feb 14 00:27
    Spruce Mouthman
    he makes some valid points............................................ ............
  2. Spruce Mouthman
    11 Jan 13 07:50
    Spruce Mouthman

    Hello, and thank you for seeking our council on your crucial legal needs. As an upstanding, hard working American citizen, your legal advice is top-priority with us. But, unfortunately, we have quite a queue on our hands at the moment and are a bit backed up! Please check back later for a reply or try re-submitting your legal inquiries for processing.

    Thanks again and God bless America.
  3. Spruce Mouthman
  4. Spruce Mouthman
    31 Jul 11 19:16
    Spruce Mouthman
    greatest of all time
  5. Clod Strif
    10 Jun 11 04:09
    Clod Strif
    even with the mac this still comes out to a 10/10
  6. Clod Strif
  7. Spruce Mouthman
  8. JayLab
    20 Oct 09 02:39

    'well' tales straightened. 'i turned the heat up already. it was a bit too chill for my liking.' sonuc just pissed his way over with a furrow down his browse. 'HEAT.' sonuc continued. 'IS FOR THE IMPURE. BRRS AND CHILLS CAN ONLY BE TAUGHT BY A LARGE, CONSENTING ADULT. LIL' OL' SNOTRINGS LIKE A TALES AIN'T TO TOUCH'M, M'mN? Y'gotta learn PUNCTUALITY and RESPONSIBLE MAN MORALS 'fore i'll een' let ya NEAR that piece!'

    tales just watched in dead silence.

    tales had passed away long ago and his crisp deathstare was all that remained as his lifeless eyes glared deep into sonucs heart.

    'well sonuc.' tales remarketed. 'my heat sculpture was gettin too cold.'

    'fugret it you chicleteer. just go stroke my friends for a while. and do your tomework, you little britch.'

    sonuc and tales have a lot of things to work through together and a therapist has been dispatched
  9. Spruce Mouthman
    12 Oct 09 00:36
    Spruce Mouthman
    So its me, my little sis and her snot nosed punk of a boyfriend. She is 14 and I am 25 yrs old living at my parents house, and her boyfriend is like 15 or 16. Anyway, he keeps telling me what a dumb fuck I am, he mocks me, calls me a fag, and grabs my sister's tits infront of me. (Should I do something, or would i be overreacting?)

    Anyway's, I have somehow become his little errand boy, driving them to date's, waiting in the car park for them for 4-6 hours between places. I want to kill this kid. Badly. He wants down my sister's pants and shows it infront of me. Doesn't he know that I am bigger than he is?
  10. Spruce Mouthman
    12 Feb 09 08:12
    Spruce Mouthman
    Kellogg's has decided to withdraw its sponsorship of Michael Phelps because he was photographed allegedly smoking marijuana out of a bong.

    More than 100 million Americans -- our friends, our family, and our president -- have admitted to using marijuana, and they shouldn't be treated like criminals!

    But Kellogg's wants to treat Phelps like a criminal, so we're not going to purchase their products anymore! We won't allow our hard-earned dollars to be used to support their shameful business practices.

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